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A Bond of Loyalty: It's All Started Here

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Hi again World!

Just guess that I'm still in my 'Past Mode' that I still like to talk about the past for this second post, and you'll be in 'Full Mark' position! (Ha-Ha). I am in a much of thinking that I shall begin it in this way, as  I strongly be desired to just follow my heart in writing all of these crafts. You may, shall predict too that this would continue for the next few posts (If I could say - May getting worst..! Ha-Ha-Ha), until the moment I feel that I would like to talk about something more present. To summarize, I may end up talk about those mummies, pharaohs, Ape Man, skeletons, past remaining and please don't bother, I am still looking forward for 2020, Okay. :) Poor me, could be called as 'Blog Curator', who have to deal with those 'past things', but I am, more than loving it, would always say 'OK!'. (HoHoHO ~ Santa Claus Laughs).

However, this is A Bond of Loyalty, where I am much persuaded by the beliefs that there are some things that has inspired us in everything we do in life. Such belief led us to be loyal on something as you hope too that you would in return, may inspire the others too. So do I. To start of, if let's say that our infant period is the earliest history of an individual (If I could say, Human Biological nature), then my family, my parent are the closest one to me, followed by the other 'newcomers' in the family, which is my dear brothers and sisters. I am much grateful that God has given me a very wonderful family, where I know that I can cast and rely on, whenever I wanted to and in whatever things happened in my life. :) My dear family, this is a small piece of my appreciations, do know that 'though I am far away from all of you in the meantime, you're the most sticky in my mind, I would never be able to erase my thoughts on you. :) And here they are, as you've been so playful in my mind, always!

My Small Wonderful Family ~ One of the Greatest Treasure I've Ever Had in Life!

I am the Eldest Child in my family. I could be called as the 'Boss' (Ha-Ha-Ha) amongst my brothers and sisters. I remember while I was in my Form 1, my mother once used to tell me that I am about to  get a sister, and I answered 'Again??'. :p Young and so sensitive mind, that I felt on that time was so influencing, considering my second sister's behavior and those fights I had with her (=_='). I couldn't imagine that I was going to 'greet' another enemies in the family! (Ha-Ha-Ha). However, as always, it's just the matter of time. The more grown up I am, the more considerable manners came inside my Adult Dictionary. I could say, those fights has getting lesser, and more mature-behave occurred. The sad part is that, most of the time I have to raise my 'white flag'. Never mind, I looked like so tolerable, by the way. (Ho-Ho).

My Dear 2nd Sister - Adie (Vieffernie Jaynes Dumat) The Witch I Had Fights for So-Called Home War! (hahaa)

By this year 2011, my sister has entered her 20's. She is an adorable girl anyways. She is slightly different than me in many things - the way we dress up, grooming ourselves, favorite fashions especially in denim choices like jeans and tops, favorite musics and even our tastes on boys! (Ha-Ha-Ha). Honestly, although she is so-so in craziness sometimes, her taste on that so-called 'Mr Right' is higher than anyone in our family. She is the kind of being very straight forward towards something that she do not like. I couldn't remember much those guys who had been 'broke-up' by her but even a very small past mistake, this one sister  of mine most of the time, would not tolerate. Once again, it's just the matter of time. :) She is in learning process, and so I am.

My 1st Brother ~ Ecko (Vicole Jaynes Dumat)

My two brothers, If I could say, are the two princes in our family. Both of them is entering their 18 and 15,  now are going to the same secondary school somewhere in Ranau district, called as Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Datu Paduka Mat Salleh Ranau. Ecko is the older one. He's one of the school prefades, both in hostel and the school. I recalled his primary school life, Ecko used to be quiet boy and will just answer whenever his answer is needed. He faced a small difficulties in reading while he was in Year 1 - Year 3, but somehow, he managed to counter those problems and ended up to be listed down as one of the Excellent Students for UPSR Examination in his school. Nowadays, he's getting mature very fast, and yeah, he's the tallest one in our family now with the height of 174 cm, defeated my father. He still use to be a silent one, however, he's getting more sociable and approachable, 'though sometimes I  found that he's quite hot tempered! (isk..). I suggest his hostel living life has contributed to his social development. The most interesting part is to dig his ways in teasing girls actually, with his shy-behave and humors, I wonder who is going to melt. (Ha-Ha-Ha). :)

My 2nd Brother ~ Eydo (Villdeo Jaynes Dumat)

Eydo is the younger one. He used to be the cutest one in family while he was in his 'Baby' period. As time goes by, I must admit people can change very dramatically! In work and gaining something, Eydo is the most hardworking one. Planting, cutting grass, harvesting palm fruits and many more planting-related activities, he would raise his hand to join as long as he can travel and gain something. :) However, sometimes, if his 'laziness disease' is attacking, he won't even move a bit from where he sits! He got darker skin than Ecko but so interesting, both of them wouldn't have any obstacles the moment my father asked them to accompany him to go to the jungle at the rural village, where he use to teach. Although I may conclude that Eydo is harder, but he won't like it that much to be part of the jungle (for a long time), Ecko is the one who is fascinated by jungle and is looking much information on how he can be involved in any works related to forestry. Oh yeah, one more interesting thing about my brother Eydo is that he got a strong attraction towards literacy works, and used to be one of the best poet in his school. :) (Ha-Ha).

My 3rd Sister ~ Dado (Vivian Eleanor Jaynes Dumat)

Now moving on to my dearest younger sisters. Dado is the second youngest daughter in our family. She is still in her Year 3 primary school studies and use to be a very attractive student in the school as she holds many titles in her class, even in her school. I noticed that this sister of mine is a bit shy, and sometimes she consider other people's feelings more than what she feels, her own feelings. I am bit worried sometimes in observing her 'kindness' since I do really wish that people won't use her kindness which can fools her. (Hmmm..) Dado is an obedient and a very conformable one in our family. It wouldn't really hard to ask her to do something as long as clear explanation is given to her. She showed excellent performance in academic and use to be a 'Book Worm' as she likes to read lots of book. Well, I guess that  would be something great. (Ha-Ha).

My 4th Sister ~ Endut (Vellerie Erline Jaynes Dumat)

Amongst all sisters in our family, I could say Endut is the only one who have got the look of my father the most. My sister Adie, Dado and me myself is definitely clear has inherited my mother's traits, small eyes and round-shaped face. My sister Endut has a big eyes and she got a very nice eye's lips which is so attractive to be tested with various colours of eye shadow! She is the most energetic and responsive towards people around her. Sometimes, she's a bit of arrogant and snobbish, considering her position as the youngest one, really hard to ensure her to do whatever we ask her to do. But yeah, above all, she is much entertaining and adorable. I am planning to ensure that she or Dado could be one of the girls standing on the stage for the Huminodun Crown. Wah... (Muahahaha). Joke. How I wish that she could always smile like that.

My Beloved Father and Mother ~ Mr Jaynes Dumat Gontol and Mrs Ganitah Martha Tiban

They are so important to my life. They raised me up, and they gave me everything they have firstly compared to anyone the moment I was born in this world. I may don't have strong memories on how they hugged me and hold me while I didn't able yet to stand on the floor, I may don't have enough understandings on how they dealt with my baby nature as a young husband and wife but one thing that I am much aware is that I've become like who I am now is because of them, who had struggled enough along the way just to ensure that our life, their children won't  be the same like what they've encountered before.

My dear Father, you didn't teach me in classroom like what the other teachers did, but you taught me on how to look over people and respecting them for who they are, you inspired me to be someone that can be proud of, to be someone that can be rely on. Thank you Yapa..:) And to the Queen of my heart, my dear Mother, you didn't teach me on how to socialize, to mingle and to mix with another people, you didn't persuade me to do something just because I might want to try it, but you taught me on how to love myself, to appreciate myself and to respect myself so I would think it in the same way towards other people, above all, you taught me to be proud of myself as a woman. :) Thank you Mum..! :)

"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.."
~Romans 8:38-39~

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Marcela said...

Waaaa~~~ so intersting Oo vera.. ur family background... nextime.. got a time.. sa singgah melawat d uma la ni.. tu sja la.. xda abang sulung ka yg single??? wakakaka :)

jeans lusuh said...

vera...update! update! lamak ni menunggu cerita baru hahha

sarah lysa reynolds said...

ramai lg pula adik2 ko ni.. haha.. sy knl beberapa sja.. haha.. nice!..p/s: lama x jpa ko.. lama x blk kg kn.. hehe.. o ya.. tkt pla ko terkonpius sepa sarah lysa ni.. nama ic sy winnie la..haha =)

Vera Veraneeta Jaynes Dumat said...

Marce:: Ala, teda oo ... Saya lah plng juara Sulung ni.. Muahahaha!

JL:: Hahahaha! Nak update juga bha ni.. Hihii..

Winnie:: ya,lma dah x blik ranau ni.. ya, ramai kami ni.. hahaha! bising rumah kalau semua ada. haha! Nice meet u Winnie! Haha..

P/S: can check my another blog here! Wink2 hahaha...

Witch Vera said...

Haloo... Just seeing this.. ==! The other blog-->

have been deleted arr... Mau fOkus satu seja.. hahaha.... Maaf2....

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