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One Step Will Make It

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Hi Readers! ^^

Finally, after a long procrastination, a pause of space for giving my try and being exposed to another amazing technology gadget which is 'blogging', I decided that I am no longer, couldn't help myself to resist the desire of writing something, to write anything and to write everything captured in my mind, passionated by the questioning traits of human brain, persuaded by the power of words and a thoughtful desire of wanted to share, as I always believe that Sharing is one of the Best Parts in Life while we are living as a Real "Human Being" in this world.

I Love Monkey! Love it So Much! Muahaha :)

Well, I guess that I would have to give a little bit introductory story of myself. It's not that I don't have any Identification towards this blog, but I'd rather to consider that since this is my first, then I would treat it as the 'first' too. This 22 Years Old Sabahan Girl (He-he) was born on 09 May 1989, Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Kota Kinabalu. Being one of the girls from Sabahan Major Ethnic (Mixed Dusunian of Ranau and Tamparuli), definitely would always make me proud. However, it's not that my ethnic is neither a well-known ethnic or intellectually judged, but I am much grateful towards the awareness of owning a multi-cultural ethnicity and most importantly, the invaluable history of people of this land, Sabah-Land Below the Wind. :)

Particularly, Now, This Girl So-Called Vera (Ha-Ha-Ha), Is a Full time Undergraduate Student in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Minden, Penang, is doing her first degree, Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) English for Professionals (Major) in School of Languages, Literacies and Translations (SoLLaT) while minoring in Archaelogical Studies, a course offered by the USM Global Archaelogical Research Centre (PPAG). Almost two years in USM, worthy to say that I've experienced a lot of wonderful things, no matter how painful, how bitter some of the experiences are. I guess long time to talk about those experiences, but someday, very soon, I would share everything of it, as somehow, I hope it would be kept in very nicely for something to smile and to laugh on while I'm in my Golden Ages. :)

Back to the point of clearing up my intentions to write on this blog. It's all started with an intuition, as I recalled the moments while I was in primary school (SK Kinirasan, Ranau). I still remember, we were taught to do writing composition in Year 4. Instead of 120 words, I did my first writing composition in about 180 - 200 words. The teacher asked me "Vera, you were so excited about your first task of writing composition, huh? Make sure, no longer than 120 words next time" while handed up my paper, which showed A- as the grade. Well, I was pretty sure that time, I  wasn't just excited but there was something, keep pushing me to write and write and write, till the point I feel that I've 'Cooked' all the playful materials in my mind.

However, to start on, It was something related to what I've experienced in my family life. My father is a teacher in a school located in a rural area (Up until now), somewhere in Ranau District. Recalling the memorable moments 10 years ago, every month, there would be a car, stopped by in front of our house and handed up few big boxes to my father. As you may can guess, the inquiry of a child while seeing lots of unknown thing, encouraged me to ask my father. He just smiled and asked me to help him to arrange all of the boxes in our house's store. I still remember the feeling of excitements the moment he opened one of the boxes. I have became a loyal waiter since then, well, boxes full of interesting story books, encyclopedia, child magazines and some comical book for interactive learning - I couldn't help myself to not to wait for another month's book delivery!

Back from school, after enjoying the delicious lunch prepared by My Mother, Mrs Martha Ganitah and finishing my homeworks of the day, the store used to be my next room as I went down into the store and grabbed any books I can, for reading. It was nice, a very nice feeling - Sitting inside there alone and drowned yourself into the books, 'meeting' many new 'characters' as you regarded them as a new friend, and be exposed to lots of amazing information which I haven't heard anything about it from classroom learning. Somehow, I knew that my father was not available to carry all the books to his school since there was no proper road to enable any transportations to come inside the area, except for a small road called as 'Denai' (Distance about 30 KM from the main road of Tambunan), being used by the teachers to come in and out of the village. 'Losing' my father for about 5 days in a week (Around year 1994 - 2003) used to be a sadness thing - Without any phone services, I couldn't imagine how my mother's feelings, being left alone in home to take care 4 Small Children, most of the time. However, once he returned, on every Friday evening, that was our very - the most sweet moments!

I thanked my father for giving me permission to be the 'Guard' of the Books in our house. His willingness of letting the Young Veraneeta (7 Years Old) on that time to 'take control' all of the books, has taught me the importance of reading and to appreciate the 'pearls and golds' in a book. In about 10 years, I think I might be the 1st reader for most of the books.. (Haah) :p It started to change in 2004, when there was a project being held to construct a road to connect the area with the nearest main road. My father started to move the books in a more big quantity than the previous years, to the school through the help of the drivers in the constructions sites. The amount of the books finally became more less and less in my house. Thanks God that in 2007, My father finally managed to buy a Toyota Hilux which enable him to move easier to the school and going back to home as well. And yeah, will be going to KKIA to fetch me up whenever I reached Sabah from Penang (Ha-Ha-Ha) :)

As I wrote this, I felt like that my fingers are talking to my mind. They keep on asking the mind, What's next? What's next? What's next..? :D The inspirations from some other people, the desire of putting feelings into words, and the happiness I felt the moment I opened this blog, promised me that they won't let me down. So much things I would like to say but I am pretty sure, If there's first (1st), there would be second (2nd), third (3rd) and so on, as we can say, hey, It's calculation!

My calculation is pretty easy. Guessing that I, me myself wouldn't want it to be that hard too. ;p I would let the natural order to take place. In the meantime, I know very well that this is just the beginning and as it's the Moment of Dreams, I do Believe One Step Will Make It, True faith Will Make. :)

P/S: This post was written on February, 18 but due to some errors, it is now recorded as published on April, 12..Haiz.. Haha :)

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Now that I know more about your childhood... No wonder you like reading short stories... =)

Interesting introduction. Now I know more about this person named Vera that I have just gotten to know more ;)

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