Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Golden Compass: Show The Way, Bring The Dust

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Hi again Dear World! Moshi Moshi. Hahaa!

Yuhuu! Finally I am done with my five examination papers over six papers. One more to go! Haha! It was a bit struggling actually; they used to be those critical papers for me for this semester. J So now (HOHO), one more film to talk about (Movies Marathon, remember?) Hehehe. Wink2. Dear lovely Amigos, have you watched The Golden Compass? Now, I want present to you, this wonderful fantasy and fairy-tale movie, The Golden Compass! Haha. J

I got this film from one of my KTJ friends, Fazri few weeks ago while we were sitting together, helping him to prepare our KTJ video. Thank you Fazri! Haha! Ok, back to this movie. The Golden Compass is a fantasy genre-film, portraying the journey and adventure of a sweet young girl, Lyra Belacqua with the Alethiometer, the Golden Compass. Here I show you the Golden Compass. If you noticed, there is No South, No North, No East, No West. Hehe. Can you see the pictures around the compass? Set the three small red arrows to any of the pictures, think deeply about your questions, everything that you want to know and the blue arrow would appoint to another picture, and there you get the TRUTH! Hehe.

It must be very nice to have one like this during exam, isn’t it? Haha. It can tell us the Truth, and the only Truth I wanted to have in exam is the Right and True Answer of the Examination Question Paper! Muahaha~ Wink.

Unfortunately, only few people were destined to be able to read those pictures and symbols. Haizzz. Hehe. Lyra Belacqua is one of the lucky people. She is a very energetic girl, loves to help her friends and had a very high inquiry spirit inside her. In this movie, she wanted to follow her uncle (Lord Asriel – who was her father actually) to go to the Northern point and witnessing the dust lights. But Lord Asriel refused her wishes, asked her to focus on her studies, instead. However, the appearance of Mrs Coulter started everything as she invited Lyra to come with her to the North as her assistant. Lyra was so excited to meet her uncle in the Northern that she did not realise the bad intentions Mrs Coulter had towards her, and most importantly towards the Alethiometer (Golden Compass) which was entrusted to Lyra by the master from her school.

Haha. So this is the movie covers. Lord Asriel role is led by Sam Elliot, Mrs Coulter by Nicole Kidman and Eva Green as Lyra Belacqua. I was freaking amazed with Nicole Kidman! This film was released somewhere in 2007, and I suggest Nicole Kidman should have been looked a bit older already. Instead, still, she looked like a young woman, enough to tell that ‘this woman could be somewhere in her 20’s’. Haha! Haiz. J

The Golden Compass movie is an adapted story from this book series. So far, New Line had only managed to produce the first sequel due to some criticism problems regarding this film production. Supposedly, the second sequel was predicted to come out by 2010 or 2011. L

The most interesting part in this film is that, the film is set in a world where a person's soul resides outside their body in an animal-like form called a Daemon (oopss.. not Demon ya..Hehe). Lyra along with her daemon Pantalaimon (nicknamed Pan), spins tales of the Gobblers, whom she and her friends believe are snatching children. To make it simple, bad people in this movie are the Magisterium and the Gobblers. J Haha. Want to know ‘em more? I suggest that you shall spend some time to wandering around a CD shop looking for this film or easiest way, File Transferring!! Muahaha. It’s worth of watching, and I shall tell you, its visual effects are awesome! Haha.

P/S: Keep our eyes open for the giant armoured polar bear, Lorek Byrnison! He was a handsome bear! Hehehe. Not to forget too, the beautiful witch queen, Serafina Pekkala. Above all, is Pantalaimon, Lyra’s daemon. Ahahaha. Freaking cute when it turned into a small chubby hamster and freaking scary when it turned into an angry giant eagle! Hahaha! Although The Golden Compass movie received a lot of criticisms regarding its themes and concepts from many religious organizations (up until now), I won’t bother, I am still hoping that someday in the future, New Line would be able to produce its next sequels. Cross my fingers. J

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Ditzy said...

Syok kan?sy excited kalo ada next movie dia ni...hihihi

Vera Veraneeta Jaynes said...

Hahaha... Ya itu lah... Sayang cerita unik macam ni tidak kena develop.. huhu :(

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