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Khurafat: The Devil Agreement

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Hi Dear World! Presenting to you, Khurafat! :)

Hahaha! I finally managed to sit and to spend my time to watch this Malay movie! Since yesterday, I wanted to watch it, but I kept on postponing it. Haha. Last night, around 2 AM something, I ON it already with my excitements of wanted to watch it but at the minute 20 of the movie, I found out that I couldn’t help myself to sit and to watch it anymore, at least on that moment. Haizz. It was scary, plus with the chilly early morning..Oh, I’d rather sleep after that. Haha! :p

I saw its poster, in Cineplex somewhere in 2010, and I’ve targeted that I must watch this movie in the cinema! Pity me, no one amongst my friends wanted to watch such type of movie, where they can’t stand to watch a horror movie, plus some stereotype reasons like Malay Movie is just a suck, and Malay horror movies are just the same, nothing much about the difference compared to the other horror movies from western countries and some Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia. Hmm, are they watching movies because of to explore the meaning inside the movie or just to see the ‘ghosts’ inside?? I do not know. But I could say, Malay movies have its own qualities even some of them have been certified in International levels. I did not see any reasons of why we should simply put Malay movies on that position. Haha. Hmm.

Drowned in by the tight schedule in university, I kept on postponed it till I did not realise that its duration to be showed in cinema has finished! Haha. Thanked God, that one friend of mine in KTJ2 lend me his External Disk and I found this movie inside it. Hahaha!

So they are those leading roles inside this movie. J The handsome guy – Syamsul Yusof, the hot Sabrina Ali and the sweet Liyana Jasmay. Haha. All are those well-known actresses and actor in Malaysia, didn’t they? I must give my credits to them, they had play their role quite amazing as Sabrina Ali was really excellent in her character as Anna, Johan’s (Syamsul Yusof) ex-girlfriend who likes to go clubbing. She get frustrated and killed herself for did not able to bear the bitterness of being abandoned by Johan. Johan get married to another woman, Aishah (Liyana Jasmay). To make it shorter, I could say, Johan used to be a good man until he met Anna in a club. He really wanted to befriend with Anna but she rejected him, throw water some more to him.

Well, we can guess, what would be a man’s feeling after being treated like that infront of the other people. Johan met a Bomoh (someone practising black magic), asked him to put spell on the girl so she would love him. He was succeed to get Anna but the agreement was – He must not leave Anna, never, for Anna’s body now is belonged to the soul of devil, therefore, the inner self of Anna was not actually in love with Johan. However, Anna’s attitude never changed. She still like to go clubbing although Johan tried many times to ask her to change, and gave her many chances to be better. Feeling fed up, Johan left her and marrying Aishah, the daughter of one of his father’s friend.

Some of the horror scenes inside this movie, captured by my Photoscape Screen Capture app, not that clear, though. Haha. Hmm.

Their marriage is gloomy as they experienced disturbances and scary things in their house even outside of their house such as in Hospital where Johan used to work in, in the cars and so on. Johan expected Anna is the responsible person. However, there got one time where he used to expect the old woman, Mak Cik Rosnah, who is working inside the hospital and giving him food everyday as the responsible person too. He had forgotten about what he had done back to few years ago. The appearance of ghost in this movie is quite surprising but as we watch it, whenever there is silence, then you can guess what would appear, therefore, can get ready to close your eyes with fingers. Hehehe. And here, present you some faces of the ghost that I managed to capture through Photo Scape App. Muahahah. J

In the end, Johan died as he get involved with an accident while heading to Anna’s village with his colleague, Rosman to send Anna’s body to her family and to manage her funeral. It is the climax of this movie where all of the past things that Johan have done were revealed. Sad scenes throughout the last 20 minutes of this movie. L

This movie touched my feeling as I looked through Anna’s way of begging Johan to come back, and while Johan found out that he was already dead, as he cried and no one was seeing him. It was only after he looked at the face of the corpse, he got to know that it was him. Mak Cik Rosnah’s story regarding his lost son, Kamal, which got face almost looked like Johan also quite touching. It explained why she always tried to get closer with Johan because Johan reminds her of her lost son. How soft is that an old mother’s heart. I can no other says, than, we shall always consider their feeling in everything we do. Above all, part of our history of life would be with them. J

P/S: I’m Proud that I managed to watch this movie today until the end of it. Muahahaha! Now, I’m looking forward to watch my favourite Mummy’s Series – The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor! Yuhuuu! I Just got it from someone hot! Oopss.. Hahaha! By the way, music scores in Khurafat are awesome eh! I wonder where I can get them?? Haiz… Haha. Sayonara! :)

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