Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Lovely Pets

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Photography moments with pets back to our home, Ranau and Tamparuli

Brownie - We named this puppy Brownie since it got bright brown furs all around its body! The moment this picture was taken, Brownie was still a very cute puppy and its seducing eyes was amazing! =) My youngest sister, Endut took this picture simply (as she was so excited of being allowed to hold my phone and being taught on how to take picture as well.. Haha) while we were having a rest for lunch in our farm there in Ranau. Now, Brownie is a tough dog, kind of an old dog already but always, still a lovely dog to play with. :)

Korea - Oh! I love this dog very much! We named it Korea since its attitude is so attractive compared to the other dogs that we have seen around our village. I still remember, my aunt brought this dog home and asked me to feed it. Korea was so dirty and it got 'less furs' on some parts of its body. I did not know what thing my aunt has put on the wounds and parts but two months later, Korea turned into a very fair dog, its eyes looked like a pig eye with its pink nose. Korea is a very energetic dog and he loved to follow us everywhere we go. Until now, though  he is getting a bit old, still he is the most beloved creature in our house. Haha!

Guntopod - In our house, there at Tamparuli, besides of Korea as the charming dog, we got another charming pet here which is Guntopod, a lovely cat! There was an interesting story about this cat. Because of that, he  got the name 'Guntopod' - It is a  Dusun Language word means 'yang tersisa' in BM language or 'The Left One' in English language.

The moment he was born, he got another five lovely kittens born with him. All of them was so cute with their colourful furs (Err.. Not including that yellow, red, green, blue.... I mean those common colors of a cat..Haha). Unfortunately, two of the kittens died on the very next few days leaving the other four kittens. Then, there was one night where the mother was attacked by an aggresive male cat, caused it to run, leaving the four kittens without much protections. It was after one month if I am not mistaken.

My aunt was awakened by the noises outside and rushed to check the kittens. To our sadness, the three kittens were lying on the floor, breathless and tragically blooded, with one of them - the head part of its body was almost separated from its whole body. We tried to look for the other one that night but we did not able to find it. It was only in the early morning on the next day that we heard a kitten voices from the nearby flower plants, which was Guntopod. My aunt was so delighted that she named it Guntopod,  and yeah, he is a very amazing cat! (I am still wondering how can he get escaped.. by the way.. hahaha) :p

Bulldog - Looking at this picture, made me sad because the story of this puppy was not so good. This dog belonged to my family in Ranau, but its caretaker the most was my brother Eydo. He loved this puppy since it was born and take care of it very nicely. One thing that was very nice to remember was that because of this dog, my brother learned to feed up our pets in house and so eager to train his Bulldog.

However, suddenly one day, Bulldog was found dead, lying on the ground. They did not know much what has caused the death but they guessed, the dog was poisoned or accidentally ate something which containing poisonous materials. Hmm.

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