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The Mummy Trilogy: An Ancient Grudge

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Hi, we meet again, dear world! Haha. Como estas? :)

Since I’ve done some Movies Marathon for these last few days, today (HOHO), I want present to you The Mummy Trilogy! Haha (Bear with me ya… This would last for the next few posts.. Muahahah) J

Just now, I’ve just finish with the 3rd sequel of The Mummy Trilogy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Guess what, I feel much satisfaction after a long wait for this 3rd sequel. Muahaha! J I told you one thing, first DVD Movie that I have ever watched is the Mummy,, the 1st sequel where Rick and Evy have just met, falling in love with each other. Hahaha! I watched it back to my village in Tamparuli 10 years ago, while we were coming back for Christmas Holiday. Since that, I couldn’t resist my desire that must watch the next movies, no matter what. True enough as I started to know ‘Movie Transferring’ from other friends (Hehehe), first thing I’d asked is ‘Do you have the full sequels of The Mummy??”. My friend usually would ask, “Wah, so old movie one lah The Mummy! Thought that you’ll ask for new released one..?” Hahaha…! Then I would just simply answered “I love watching those mummies waking up…”.  Hee.

So, this is the one that I’ve just watched. The 3rd sequel of this movie trilogy or I could say, might be the last sequel? Hahaah.

I found out that Alex has grown up much in the 3rd sequel. He had become an archaeologist like his mother used to be before. I’ve been a bit disappointed actually because Rachel Weisz (the original leading role of Evelyn, Rick’s lover and wife in the 1st and 2nd sequel) was not there in this 3rd sequel. It was changed to someone else. Oh, how I love her acts! Haha, forget about that. Wink. In this movie timeline, Alex is doing his excavation in China, a site which is believed to contain a great ancient army kingdom of China. However, without their awareness, they’ve ‘open’ something that could make it ‘being alive’ again. Haha, well yeah, its concept is kind of always the same with the previous sequel, it’s only that this 3rd sequel does not portraying any ancient Egyptian mummies waking up anymore, only those ancient Chinese mummies. Hee.

These are all the movie sequels cover. I am glad that I’ve finally managed to watch them all. What a great satisfaction! Haha.

As expected, Rick and Evy would always be there to fight and to solve those chaoses occurred because of the ‘awakened mummy’. One interesting plot here is where the Shangri-La background is portrayed. It is such a beautiful place! Like a drawing comes alive! The love relationship growing between Alex and Lin, the immortal daughter of 2000 years old witch, Zi Yuan. Jet Li is the Emperor Han (the bad awakened mummy) and I shall tell you, I couldn’t consider him as a ‘bad person’ in this movie! I’ve watched lots of Jet Li’s movie, now it’s hard to give him the ‘bad impression’. Even in this movie, he’s still so cute for me! Haizzz.. Haha! The same with Imhotep the Egyptian High Priest, who used to be the bad character in the 1st and 2nd sequel, he’s so charming with his ancient attitude! That couldn’t make me hate him, even made me sad when he gave up totally of his life to the death after he found out that Anack-Su-Namun did not willing to save him as what Evy have done for Rick, therefore concluded that Anak-Su-Namun’s love for him is not a truth. Hmm.

A love that Imhotep hold for this beautiful Anack-Su-Namun for thousands of years is finally proved to be unworthy for him. She did not even willing to try to save him while he really needs her help.

As I told you, I do really loves the plot in 2nd sequel where it is revealed that Evy is actually a reincarnation of Queen Nefertiti, whose once used to live in Egypt, known as the most beautiful woman, a wife to Pharaoh Akhenaten. In this plot, she (Nefertiti) was still young (Oh, Rachel is really, freaking stunning in leading this role! Oopss..haha), and Anak-Su-Namun was actually a girl, destined to be one of his father’s women. The relationship between her and Anack-Su-Namun was not that good since she can feel that there’s something was not right with Anack-Su-Namun. It was proved after she saw Anack-Su-Namun was having a secret affair with Imhotep, and at the same time she witnessed how they had killed her father.

I shall tell, the Mummy Trilogy could be a great way of learning Ancient Egyptian history. Although much of them is in modified versions already, more to the imagination works, but credits to the film producer for being successfully portraying an adventure of a thousand lifetimes! Thanks for bringing out this movie and gave us chance to have a little bit ‘alive imaginary’ about those ancient stories. :D

To think of, Cleopatra, Ramses the Damned, Imhotep, Isis had already being portrayed in the movies. I wonder when would they portray about Pharaoh Tutankhamun? We might aware that he was recorded to have only a short period of life (Tutankhamun died in about his 19 years old) but there are many stories regarding his lifetime too. The finding of his great tomb is the most well-known finding in Egypt, with curse stories some more! Haha. Hmm.

P/S: Looking at the pictures, with the reconstructed face of King Tut’s Face, he is actually quite a handsome Prince, didn’t he? He.He.He.. J

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