Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Mystical Scenes

Hasil Ketak Ketik Magic Spell Witch Vera at Thursday, April 14, 2011
In my previous posts (The Godly People I and II), all of the pictures got people appearance inside it. For this one, I've specified it into the nature scenes that I found inside those paintings. (^_~)m

I sensed that these paintings below are not that colourful compared to those paintings of people since they used the most the green, grey, black and white colour only. To say more, these paintings seemed like being sketched so simply just like that but somehow, they felt so mystical and kind of can drowning you out into an ancient feeling! Haha :)

P/S: Now that I sensed too that these paintings got Birds appearance and some tiny figures of people! haha! How I wish that I can experience those high mountains!
(By the way, is that possible this kind of places does exist somewhere in this world..?? hmm.. I would love to visit them!! Air Asia - Now Everyone can Fly!... Haha)

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