Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Ocean Whispers

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Browsed through my Picture folders in my backup drive, which I've externalized from my broken lappie, I found the Langkawi Folder which contains our pictures (with the other CUS Friends) while we were visiting Langkawi Island, somewhere in February of this year. :)

I thought that I've lost those pictures but to my surprise, It's still there, altogether with the edited versions! Wohoo ~ hahaha! However since there are so many pictures inside, as usual, I would specify them based on the objects inside the pictures. Haha...! I called this kind of specification as "A Story With Many Faces! :p And here comes the ocean with its whispers! :)
P/S: Those people inside these pictures are my CUS friends! Hahaha! They were kind of so photogenic eh... Wohhoo.. ! Haha

For this picture below, I love to guess that Its ocean whispers are towards the mystical view of the Pregnant Maiden Island. Its unique shape portraying a pregnant woman is lying on the ground. :)

P/S: Dear Ocean, what's my whispers to you? I whispers to you that may you  keep on whispering to us, so we do know that there's power of humanity within your unpredictable waves. :)

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