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The Penang Alcatraz

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Recalling my sweet memories with my CUS (Catholic Undergraduate Society of USM) friends, I remember our memorable trip to Jerejak Island, Penang, somewhere in October last year. It was a nice trip, and so much unexpected things came out as we explored the island, I could say it was like 'to the north to the south travel'. Haha! :) Here comes some memorable pictures I've managed to capture on that day, as we cycled around the Alcatraz Island! Hahaha! :p

This old building once used to be a prison. :) Based on some history reading I managed to have, the name Pulau Jerejak, it was given by the fisherman who lived on the island. Long before it gained its alias as the Alcatraz of Malaysia, because of the Jerejak Prison which was built on it.

Another side views of the building. Apart of once used to be a prison, it also being used as Rehabilitation Centre and Quarantaine Centre.Those inmates of the Rehabilitation centre were asked to work on the island. It also became a quarantine centre for immigrants, where they were sent to this island first for health insspection before being sent back to Penang to work. Checkpoint! Haha :)

As we entered the old building, I can sensed a feeling of historical environment. Kind of cold and windy but matter of curiosity strongly opposed those eerie feeling. Haha! Look at the toilet area of this building, I couldn't imagine those inmate's feeling as they used it. There are around 5 bathrooms like this in the building, which can consists of around 150 people.

It was so interesting that we saw lot of pictures were still in very well condition, sticked on the wall. Most of them are the pictures of those pretty women, 30's to 70's western celebrities and so on. I guess, they needed some 'eye freshing' while being stucked inside here. Some of them managed to leave some words on the wall, like the one, I've captured here. Hahaha!

Built in 1911, I guess this building once used to be a centre for administration. It's the biggest concrete building  I saw on that Island and It was built in facing the sea. We can see Queensbay Mall from here! Haha :)

First I saw this lorry, I thought that It was just a normal broken old lorry. But the immigrant worker who was sitting near to it told me that it has lying on that ground for more than 50 years! No moves! O.O Wah, that was so classical to me! Furthermore, it's a brand of lorry back to 50 years ago! Hehe :p

The moment I saw this small building, I was almost missing the big paintings on it! It's so old and the colours of this painting is not that bright anymore (It is only after edited, I managed to make this picture a bit brighter, together with the painting..Haha). And as we came closer to it, we'll notice some tiny figures of monkey was hanging on the trees! Muahahah! :p

While we reached this island, there are some constructions being held around. Picture above showing a construction site of a building, ooh, I forgot what is the building for.. :p

Hmm, a bit blur. Guess that my dear Sony W395 is not so good in taking pictures of fast-moving object like the head movement of this aunty. :) Haha. She is working in the construction site as a food and drink seller with her husband and children. She was so kind as she chatted with us, recalling her experiences years ago in Medan and Penang. It was a nice afternoon drink, got ice somemore! haha :)

Since there are some constructions being held, then we can guess of why such place with lots of stone is there. Haha :)

Some of the ruins in Jerejak Island, the Alcatraz of Malaysia. :)

However, quite sad actually after seeing this kind of environment on this island. There were rubbish everywhere, and they didn't do anything about it. It's a pity, such a beautiful Island is left without much observation to establish its surroundings. Huhu :(
However, Jerejak has given me something wonderful to remind of, and I experienced it with my dearest CUS friends! :)

P/S: the last picture is taken from Mark Jinmin. He was our photographer on that day actually! A trip has turned into a photo-shoot session, somewhere in Jerejak. Muahahah! :)

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Mad Maureen said...

I miss our cycling and our photoshoot session here. Though tiring, it was so much fun! Let's do it again! :D

Marcela said...

Me tooo!!! cycling along the beach la.. sungguh indah ni. hehe :D

Wilson Khor Woo Han (Seymour Nightweaver) said...

Vera, nice photos! ^_^ Been to Jerejak this semester, but not the prison area... Interesting blogpost =)))

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