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The Crying Souls Campaign of USM

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Hi Hi Dear World! Konichiwa!

So long time, I did not update this blog. Suddenly I felt guilty towards my Blog -.-" Haha! Bianamida my blog... ^^, for being 'gone' for almost two months. =)

Throughout these two months, many things have happened - In my academic thing, relationship with other people, and also in many activities that I have dragged myself to get involved in. For few people, who knows about the things that I have faced recently, I guess they shall know what are my purposes of dragging myself too much into something which is not unpleasant at all - yea, totally out of 'healthy mind' I think. :)

I shall realise now that there are some points in our life that we would admit, 'this is enough'. Somehow, it does not mean that we are giving up on certain things on that certain points but simply because we have to stop there, as we have reached a limit of ourselves. :) And I did the FULLSTOP. :) However, our done in the past would always leave scars, isn't it? I won't bother to erase such scars but I have to deal and living with it. Doesn't matter, I know, this would be a way, a good way to understand our ways of life - more and more! Haha.

Morning Peace Before The Mission (Haha) - After the Breakfast ;)

Today, I have just come back from another Visits of Kempen Tangisan Jiwa (The Crying Souls Campaign) Crews to another school in Penang. The difference was, today, we went to a school which is a bit far away from Universiti Sains Malaysia - SMK Saujana Indah Transkrian, Nibong Tebal. This was my third chance of joining KTJ2 Crews, after the first one at SMK Al-Mashoor (L) and the second one at SMK Tunku Puan Habsah (P), and I must admit, this KTJ2 is totally different than the one which I have participated last year while I was still one of the members of USM Student Representative Council.

Last year, this campaign was held at Bukit Jambul Complex and all of the volunteers were divided into several groups, determined to various areas in Penang mainly around Mall Complex such as Queensbay, Komtar, RNR and open-crowded places. I still remember, I was working for this campaign through gaining as many volunteers as we can (since it was held during semester break, somewhere in June 2010). There were times when we have to stay in the Bilik Gerakan (the SRC Room) until late in the midnight and also there was once, we simply slept over in that room. The tiresome was really felt but somehow, it is a very memorable moment for me. Ate together, laughed together, watched movie together, work together and helped each other. There were times when anger came out but honestly, it has made the moment sweeter to be remembered.

Wah, thought of myself being drowned too much already in remembering the pieces of memory! Haizz.. Hahaha... That was for the first KTJ. I was impressed with the participation of USM students. Seeing their faces, while spreading the campaign brochures and the button badges as well, I felt so happy and touched. Our students are awesome actually!

One of the Vans That is being used by KTJ2

My first visit was to SMK Al-Mashoor (L). All of the students in the school are boys. The moment I was stepping inside the KTJ Van, I was wondering what would happen, what would I encounter and how is it the environment of a school which all of its students are boys? We set up all the materials, although on that day we were not able to use LCD and Screen to show the videos. Besides, the speaker was not functioning very well, but I was grateful that everything turned really exciting! Those boys were very amazing as they gave their supports and responses towards our activities. I was impressed with their debate ability. Haikal which was our leader during the visit, he was quite nervous at the early morning we reached the school but he was so amazing as he conducted the sessions. On that day, it was a memorable day with SMK Al-Mashoor!

My second school was SMK Tunku Puan Habsah (P). It is a school where all of the students are all girls. Once again, I faced the same wondering questions, the same as the previous ones since I have never been to any schools which specify on girls or boys admission only actually. Haha... (Thanks to KTJ2 for the chances by the way). Thanked God, this school was giving me another beautiful experience! Here, I was impressed with their usage of English language. Although they were using the kind of simple English with some mixtures of Malaysia language, it made me so happy as they helped me to develop my English communication as well actually, and one more, my BM is not that good. Haha!

With some of the Awesome Crews of KTJ2 at SMK Saujana Indah Transkrian, Nibong Tebal

Then, came today, my third school which is SMK Saujana Indah Transkrian, Nibong Tebal. It's a bit far from USM since we have to pass through the Penang Bridge (Shall I say, it is Seberang Perai, isn't it? Hmm..). It took us around 40 Minutes to reach this school. Their break time is a bit earlier compared to the other schools; it started at 9.30 in the morning. First thing I noticed the moment we reached was the size of the school. It is so big and it is very cool to see the clean environment of the school. It was very nice that the Counsellor Teacher of the school (Mrs Yana) invited us for breakfast but since we were running out of time to set up before the break, we ate kind of very fast. Haha. Here, I experienced students with different attitudes compared to the two previous schools. I must admit, this school was the toughest one for me. -.-" They are energetic but somehow, it was frightening to face it. Now, come it this way, made me think that Boys-Specified Schools, Girls-Specified Schools and Boys Girls-Mixed Schools could be having different environment! Haha. Hmm..

There would be another four schools to go for the last two days of this campaign! Tomorrow there would be SMK Sg. Nibong and SMA Tarbiah Islamiah, and I hope that I would be appointed for SMA Tarbiah Islamiah. Haha! Well, any of it would be OK actually, it's just that I wanted to feel the surroundings of a SMA-type School.. Haha ^^,

Now, after these three visits, I can recall those eyes of the young students. Personally, in me, there is something, something so wonderful the moment I can see that they are aware and their eyes are shining while listening to me, kind of expressing that they got what I meant to share with them. =) Thanks God, and how I wish that this KTJ would reach more people in the future! :)

~Bee Bee~
P/S: What a very interesting thing to see as they got many paintings of Bee on the ground, just like the one I managed to capture here! Muaahaha :p

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