Monday, 25 April 2011

Thank You, Pei Jhu Xiaojie and My Little Joops!

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Hi Again Dear World!

What a Beautiful Day! Finally it’s a Day after the Great Easter! Since Thursday, the celebration was celebrated for the last four days started with Maundy Thursday, Great Friday, Easter Vigil and then the Great Easter! J How wonderful it was, ‘though I couldn’t celebrate Easter with my family for two years already, I know that we have the same spirit inside us. And with my CUS (Catholic Undergraduate Society) family, I feel as I am here with a big family! We made each other’s day and I know it’s the gift, a gift of friendship from God. J

Talking about friendship, I shall say my thankfulness to this one person, Pei Jhu Xiaojie for her kindness of to stitch and to craft a felt monkey for me! (I love Monkey very much!) I might have not been in a long year’s friendship with her yet, but talked with her, it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. Haha. We’ve known each other through Kempen Tangisan Jiwa, and I shall tell you, she is a very talented girl, a kind-hearted and passionate person. Smile.

The handmade Felt Monkey that she have crafted for me. Do know that it’s only one, crafted with love. Wink2. Laugh.

To be precise, this felt monkey is not a ‘free’ ya. Hahaha! However, that’s not the point. Laugh. I shall regard her creativity. Haha. I often meet, see and get to know many person with many characteristics, with their own passions and she’s one of them. Amazing. I came to this point that such a passionate person like her actually can be a great inspiration to the others! They are the living example to the truth that we can live our desires and ambitions. It’s only depend on you, whether you wanted to grab it and start to challenge yourself. Somehow, we’ll find joy inside it! J

Me and with my Felt Monkey! And there’s a Felt Heart-Shaped too. Wonderfully blooming in red!

She will be graduating very soon somewhere in September and I thought of wanted to give something too. Shouldn’t be one like she had made because I am not really good in stitching and sewing! Haizz… He.He.He. But I love doing beads craft and I think it could be one of the options rite? Muahahah. Wink..

P/S1: These pictures are from her My LittleJoops. Want to know ‘em more? You can start browsing for her wonderful pieces of art [here]. Smile.

P/S2: Thank you so much Xiaojie for the great time with you. Would always pray, may all the best things happens to you. Amen. J

P/S3: My Cute Felt Monkey is named after Vera by her. Do I look like it? Gagagaa, well, it’s so cute rite! So I am cute too lah! *Wink2.. Don’t want surrender*… Hahaha! Big Laugh. :D

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Jhu said...

haha yea you are cute :)

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