Thursday, 21 April 2011

Those Days Are Not Just A Dream

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Hi again Dear World! Konichiwa, Buenos Dias, Como Estas? Haha.

Wohhooo! Today I've just finished my third examination paper for this semester's final examination, which is the Psychology of Language paper - LEM215. So far, I am done with one minor paper UAW303 (Southeast Asian Archaelogy) and two major papers which are LEM215 and LEM214 (English in Society). Three papers in a row, since Monday definitely have swallowed my energy and my consciousness.-.-" Every time I was stepping out from the Exam Hall, I was having a strong dot-headache, right on my forehead, as if something had come inside through it, striking through my brain and comes out from the back side of my head.  Oh yeah, it haven't finished by the way. There are three more papers to go and I am counting my days for that. Haha.

Yes, Yes, I am done with you. Haha *Covering my fast-beating heart waiting for its result*

Want to introduce to you too, my new Matrix Card. My loyal companion while sitting for exam. Muahahah! I lost my Matrix Card last month and you can guess, I have to redo it at USM Chancelori. I thought that I would get exactly the same Matrix Card as the one that I have used previously, with the same design, with the same face photo.. But I was totally wrong! The moment I step inside the Unit Kemasukan, I was told by the officer that I have to fill a few forms and have to do a photo taking for my new Matrix Card. I was almost speechless; as I thought that it would take a longer time (I was kind of rushing on that day). However, everything finished within 20 minutes time and they printed out my new Matrix Card just in front of my eyes! I shall give my credits to their excellent services! Hahaha..

Hahaha... I Love my Matrix Cards! Poor that I lost the Blue Sky + Eagle Design Matrix Card. Haizz... =) Haha.. Now that it is Examination season, I would like to wish to my friends, all the best in their exams. Then few days ago, came this thought of want to draw something to express my wishes. I did not have much idea on how to draw something simple but representing my thoughts towards them, so I simply draw few pieces of exam greetings with my favourite animal character Monkichi on it. Muahahaha! I took its pictures and simply uploaded it to be seen by them. Somehow, I sensed that so long time I haven't drawing and colouring with my whole focus on it, my fingers were kind of getting hard. But to my surprise, I still managed to finish it. Thanked for that desires! Haha! Just a simple wish to all of you my beloved friends, Adjaa Fighting with your exams! :)

Guess what special foods that I have encountered within these few days passed? Jeng3x, I was having my KFC Combo Set of Alaskan Fish Burger + Chezzy Wedges + Pepsi Drink! Hahaha, if any of you comes to this question of "how come KFC can be considered as so special too?", I can no other say than "I haven't enjoying them (KFC) for two months what!" Muahaha.. Furthermore, I've just got to taste this type of KFC Burger for my first time and I found it so yummy too! I love the soft fish meat inside it, together with the cheese and mayonnaise. ;) RM8.95 plus tax, RM9.50, Hmm.. Kind of bit expensive but I think it is worth with the taste and the size of the burger, and with the fat Chezzy Wedges too, as a bonus! Hahaha! Wink.

Then came this crunchy Apam Balik, a kind of kueh I guess, which I bought for my first time too, just outside RST, at the left side of the road to go to Khaleel Restaurant and Ivory Plaza. I did not know what has encouraged me to taste the Apam Balik this time, might be because of seeing the stall is there for a long time but I have not even drop by it to taste its Apam Balik, even for once! Haha... It's quite delicious too, by the way and a bit sweet too. Haha. One piece would cost you RM0.60 and inside there got some juicy corn cereals, sugar and peanuts. Its size is like a small plate which then would be lifted to make it looked like a half-shaped of its round shape. *Oh my, how to describe it? I hope you have tasted it ya?* He.He.He

Right after I have finished with my third paper, I was heading for PPAG, The Global Archaelogical Research Centre of USM, just nearby the Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah USM. There was a briefing being held at 6PM, for those who are coming for the next excavation programme, which would be held right after the examination week is finish. This year, it would be held at Bujang Valley Excavation Site, in duration of two weeks! Hahaha!

Those fellas would be my family within the two weeks Excavation Programme! Haha. However, I have known most of them since most of them are my course mates who are doing Archaelogy as their minor course like me or just taking it as their elective courses. :) Listening to what is being instructed to us, I can have a small early inferences that we would having "fun" with those Bujang Valley historical ground. Besides, the instructor said that some outdoor activities would be held as additional programmes. Looking at my list of things-to-bring, I can only nodding my head, thinking of how I can get three similar copies of notebook with the specified size required by them. Haha. Thinking more.. Right after we finish with this excavation, I would fly back to Sabah for my Internship. Two companies within these four months! I couldn't imagine what I am going to face, but all I know now is that I am so excited to go through all of them! =) Haha, thinking more... Oops... Aigoo, I shall avoid more Dot-Headache. X) Haha!

And my these few days ended with an amazing campus sightseeing with my sweet Archaelogy course mate and buddy too, Lucy while we were walking back from PPAG to our Desasiswa. I tell you, walking from PPAG to SK Building is enough to give you some feelings of relaxation and while you are looking at the Chancellori Building up there, a strong sense of belonging can be felt. :) A bonus point, more beautiful sights are offered here actually for those who are looking for some special photography spots! Muahahaha~

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Wilson Khor Woo Han (Seymour Nightweaver) said...

Hwa~ Now also you started food reviewing xD cool xP

Mad Maureen said...

I love all the pictures. U really had talents in capturing the photos, besides talent in editing them too. way to go, xiao jie.

btw, good luck in your internship yea. :)

Wilson Khor Woo Han (Seymour Nightweaver) said...

Maureen: *agreeing with the picture part* xD

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