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Halo Worldians! :)

Browsed through my old folder, I found this folder containing pictures which I have taken during orientation week last year for academic session 2010/2011. I was one of the PPSL (Pembimbing Program Siswa Lestari) during that time and there were lots of memorable experience I've gained through PPSL.

(So bad that I couldn't join it again for this year 2011 since I have to do my Industrial Training within this 4 months semester break.. Haizz.. haha). Never mind, I have learned much from it, It is worth of it. :)

Forget about that, these pictures below are showing some of the works that had been done by the first year students during the programme. They were asked to create some creative works presenting their views towards APEX and also the concept within it, mainly for sustainability. As usual, I was attracted with their creativity and their understandings towards APEX which is standing for Accelerated Programme for Excellence. :) 

APEX Leaves - Interesting usage of dead leaves! I remember one of the students said this one presenting the sustainabilty concept of APEX. Old leaves wouldn't be wasteful but it would be used to sustain the growth of new trees. Hmm.. that was cool, isn't it..? Haha :)

USM 1 APEX - I asked the student what does it mean and he simply answered me "We are 1 Malaysia, so it is for 1 APEX... It should be for everyone too" and I felt quite amazed. This new batch of APEX was quite amazing anyway! Haha :)

USM We Lead The Others - The moment I walked closer to the group who were doing this craft of a kite with the words 'We Lead the Others' written on it, they tried to hide it. I asked, "why so you want to hide it?" and one of them answered me that they felt something wasn't right with the words. Ahh, they got confuse with 'We Lead' and 'We Lead The Others' words. :) I knew that they've put a lot of efforts on this, after all, they were right too actually. I told, "You got the We Lead words. That's correct already! Now that see this 'The Others'. This would be your challenge!"And how great it was the moment I saw their smiles were back! haha :D

Lestari Alam USM APEX - One of the interesting kite crafts that I have seen during the programme. This one was  so colourful and bright with its blue, green and orange colour. I asked, "why got Orange colour for this kind of flower?"- Bunga Raya or Hibiscus, and the student asked me back, "Sister, how you define uniqueness?" - Heard this question, I knew already what was the meaning of the colour. And Orange is a hot colour, could I say they wanted a very progressive uniqueness? I hope it so. :)

Green Hibiscus - This last picture did not have any words written on it. I was a bit curious, furthermore, they got green colour for this Hibiscus flower! However, I've learned from the previous group's kites and I knew they had their own reasons. True enough, as they defined their kite as representing the sustainability of nature and excellence. Green is a colour presenting freshness and coolness. They even said that kite would fly as long as they got someone to hold and run for it. The same with APEX, as long as the leadership is being sustained with excellence, so it would always 'flying' high and higher. :)

4 Wizard Spells Here: said...

waaa~ i like d first one! simple at the same time - MEANINGFUL!

Vera Veraneeta Jaynes Dumat said...

Hahaha! yeah, so meaningful they are! hahaha! Hye Step, check out my another blog here! Muahahaha! Utk isi masa lapang jak ni.. hahaks...

Mostly adalah pictures shja lah... Haha.. said...

ok babe~!

Tiffinny Shally said...

I love the "We lead the others"....

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