Friday, 15 April 2011

USM Path Of Life I

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I still remember the moment I got offer from USM to further my studies here. I was so excited as I browsed through Internet looking for my Desasiswa Pictures and also for my school, School of Languages, Literacies and Translations (SoLLaT). Hahaha! So now that I am here already, I can experience life in USM. These views are only a tiny part of the whole part I got here. :)

So, here it is, my respectable school of SoLLaT. Lectures, Tutorials, exams, all are being conducted here for these three years of my life in USM. Except for University courses which I had to sit for it with the other students from different schools somewhere in USM, usually in Student Main Hall (DUP).

This one is 1st Library of Hamzah Sendut (PHS1) of USM. I could say, this is the main library of USM Main Campus. There got another libraries which are 2nd Library of Hamzah Sendut (PHS2) and also the new Library Side connected to PHS1. I love the Krisalis Service there! Haha :)

I took this picture while waiting for the next class on that day. This coridor is very common for us, those BA Students of English for Professionals. We ran on it whenever we were late for classes or standing on it, chatting each other.. Haha :)

I love this side of Konkos! It's a common way for people to go to Subaidah Restaurant, Photocopy Shops, and Student Center (PUMA). Nice path, huh.. Haha :)

The opposite building of PHS1 is Tunku Syed Putra Hall (DTSP). This building kept our dear memories of first year and while I used to be one of the PPSLs. I wouldn't forget the feeling I felt while I was inside this building. And yeah, It would be the place for convocation day! This area would be crowded by students later on, queuing up for receiving their degree. :)

P/S: And I would be, one day, be part of the crowdness! Haha. Amen. :) 

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Jhu said...

interesting. i will miss usm ... :(

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