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Young Victoria: Love Rules All

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Hi Dear World! How ya doing? Haha.

I am still in my revision for my next examination paper, but still I'm coming here, guess that posting something might can release something from my heavy brain just now. Hahah! Wink. In this early morning, I want present to you The Young Victoria movie! Haha. See, I told you earlier, right? That I’m going to talk about them (Movies Marathon), continuously for my few next posts. Laugh.

I got this movie from someone, I forgot who that was. You shall know me now that I am interested with any movies related to history and The Young Victoria caught my attention on the moment. Hehe. Simple background of this movie, it’s a movie portraying the life of the famous Queen Victoria of Great Britain, while she was still young.

In her young life, Queen Victoria used to be a bright girl; she lived her life as one of the members of royal family, and bears the royal status that she inherited from her family. However, it did not able to stop her to behave just like a normal girl who wanted to enjoy her freedom of life, not is being ruled by anyone. Princess Victoria used to be a brave girl, was not so easily put her head down towards people. I love Emily Blunt’s act inside this movie. Haha. She had affectionately and successfully brought up the image of a Queen and honestly, she got such a beautiful face for that, what a gift! :D

The real focus of this movie for me is that, it tried to portray the Queen’s life while she was still in her teen’s life. She met Prince Albert, her first cousin, and befriended with him. For Prince Albert, he had already fallen in love with Princess Victoria at their first sight. I told you, it was so romantic! Haha. They kept on changing letter to each other until finally Prince Albert came to England to meet her personally.

Princess Victoria was actually had fallen in love with Prince Albert too. She was once forced to get married with another man from a royal family but she tried her hard to protect her love towards Prince Albert. I do really love Prince Albert’s character! He was a humble prince! He was always there to protect and to support Queen Victoria even he had to risk his life for that. J

The development of their love was quite wonderful actually. Since they both came from royal family, there was no obstacle much, except for some piece of jealousy to take place when Prince Albert felt that Princess Victoria might love someone else, Lord Melbourne, when she mentioned the man’s names quite frequently in her letters for him. The truth was that since she holds the Queen’s status, she always had to be with the man for official duties. She was still 18, and did not know much about country administration. Prince Albert had taken a very important step here where he’d sacrificed his position in his country and came for Queen Victoria in his second visit to Victoria’s palace. I love this verse in this movie:

“She was the Queen of an Empire, but her heart belonged to one man”

It was a sad too actually that history recorded Prince Albert’s death was in about his 50’s. He got Typhoid fever disease. From their marriage, they’d got nine children which the roots are still existed up until now. Queen Victoria’s reign of 63 years was recorded as the longest sovereign of the Great Britain and was died in her 81 years old.

P/S: I found that this story told me about the value of loyalty and patience. It’s true that we can do things for many, but our heart couldn’t be divided. I adore Queen Victoria for her amazing influence over Great Britain up until now. How I’d wish that I could be like her, who hold on strong to her hopes and her only love, the only one, Prince Albert till the end of her days.

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Wilson Khor Woo Han (Seymour Nightweaver) said...

*like* ^_^

Mad Maureen said...

I like the main actress, Emily Blunt... :) wow the story sounds interesting.. based on Queen Victoria's true story right? Wow, they must loved each other very much.

Hope i can watch this movie.....!!!!!!!! After my last paper of course.. *wink2*

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