Monday, 9 May 2011

Sungai Batu: A Wonderful Beginning

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Hi again Dear World! Saranghaegyo! Haha J

It was in early morning that I have to wake up, as I would be going for a thing, something that has haunted my mind for quite a long time. An excavation! Haha. Since secondary school, I have always wanted to go for excavation and as I read and watch a lot of documentaries regarding ancient found, every time it would strengthen the desire inside me to do the same thing, somewhere in the future. And now, here in Sg Batu Site, I would get them. Thanks God. ^^

In the early morning, climbing up the road to return my room key to the Desasiswa Key Box. It was cool chilly morning as I step down here, watching this MO6 Building of my Desasiswa, the place where I stay as an Undergraduate in USM. Haha.

From now on, I might not be able to do long post due to the tight schedule of our excavation. In the early morning of 7.00 AM, we have to be on our way already to the excavation site. By 8.00 AM in the morning, have to start our work and it would only end at 5 PM every day. In the nights, we would have some night classes and special programs. To make things getting ‘interesting’, we’ll have to ‘take care’ of three little notebooks within these two weeks excavation program! Losing it, means that you’ll be getting a very ‘nice prize’ from our tutors. Wanna know what’s that so precious inside them, I’ll reveal to you later on. Hahaha. Oopss.

Our excavation tools. Haha.

I love treating my ‘first’ as a special thing. Hehe. Same goes with my first day of a long excavation period (for an undergraduate like me, not those archaeologists and experts of history..Hahah)! I found out that it is so amazing as you can feel the excitement of you would discover something beneath the ground under your feet. I haven’t known yet what we would discover down there (could be nothing) but I shall say the experience couldn’t be compared with any gold, money or even artefacts.

Some of the earlier excavated trenches. These sites has contributed a lot to the understandings of Sungai Batu site.

The weather was damned hot but as we travelled from another site to another site, it was nothing anymore. What could you say as you step on a very historical land and watched those remaining of the pasts by your own eyes? I would say that mine was like ‘Blink-Blink’. I was impressed!! Freaking impressed!! ^^

Some of my excavation friends. Most of them are doing archaeology as their minor (same like me) while few people are not. Can you see how excited they were? Especially towards the artefact of a brown-red bead, a bead which was once found at Kemboja archaeological site too.

I loved the trenching part very much! Hahaha! Now I got knew what is Theodolite tool and learning how to make a precise trench with precise calculation. One must know how to read its compass and able to differentiate the degree involved in determine the X Line and Y Line. I am in Group 5 together with three other friends. I loved the working together moments, till now I can’t believe that I’ve managed to prepare my own excavation trenches! Whoa~ Haha.

Finally it's done! Our Group 5 Excavation Trenches. Haven’t been dug, but It would, very very soon. Hehe. :D

That’s all for today. I’d wish that I could meet you all again later.

P/S:: It’s my Birthday Day! I haven’t been able yet to response towards all the nice wishes from my friends in Facebook, but they had managed to make me feels so happy and touched. How lovely it is to have those lovely hearts, friends of mine! Be blessed my dear friends. I love you all!

All the way from Sg Batu Excavation Site, Kedah. 

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