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Unduk Ngadau: The Path of A Beauty

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Hi again dear world! How ya doing? J

Yeeehaaaa! Finally I am done with all of my examination papers! However, to be precise, I did not feel much joy about it actually. Do know why? There is one more year to go and there are still lots of test, assignment, report and exam that have to go through! I guess the true joy is only come after I hold a degree, perhaps? Hahahaha! But for now, I shall be glad that one thing has finished right, therefore I would be able to focus on another thing, and yes my excavation and my two industrial training are coming very soon…!  Whoaaa… Hahaha J

I feel guilty towards my blog too. Sorry did not update you for a couple of days ya. Wink2. Hahaa. It’s entering month of May already, well uh, actually, 4th day in May already. Haha. Guess what, it’s my month of birth! Wink2. Hahaha! I love Number 5 very much, all about 5! For three semesters in USM, my Index Number for exam would always get a 5 inside it, it’s only this semester that I got twin number with a zero. No number 5 at all! Does not worry, won’t think about those lucky number predictions, I do believe, it’s all in God’s plan. Weee~ Haha. J

It’s Kaamatan Festival Month! (Picture from Benny Liew Studio)(here)

P/S: Today is the Day that I’ll feature to you many pictures regarding Kaamatan Festival. Haha. It’ll be just simply being slipped; you’d better read the caption ya… wink2. Haha J

Crowned Unduk Ngadau Sabah State Level 2007 – Joanna Sue Henley Rampas (Tuaran)

Talking about May, I remember that it’s the month of Harvest Festival Celebration in my beloved homeland, Sabah Land below the Wind. I always love Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) as I can feel such a unity spirit amongst those people of Sabahan. I can see lots of mystical dances and beautiful colourful traditional costumes wore by my friends, my family and even me as well (sometimes) wink2. Hahaha! Believe me, it’s such an epic action, while you dance and try to follow the beat of the Gong, and fly yourself around like those fairies, wandering around in shining bead-costumes! Haha. Owh, how I miss Sabah! J

Crowned Unduk Ngadau Sabah State Level 2008 – Leoni Lawrence Gontuni (Penampang)

There is an event called as Unduk Ngadau event would be held during Kaamatan. It could be called as the grand highlight of Kaamatan Festival. Unduk ngadau is a beauty contest held during Kaamatan festival. Wondering about what does it mean ‘Unduk Ngadau’? Through some readings that I’d managed to have about it, it’s the name that comes from an ethnic word 'Runduk Tadau' means 'The girl that is crowned by the sunlight'. J

Crowned Unduk Ngadau Sabah State Level 2009 – Tati Appey Rowena (Papar)

Here I want share with you a little bit legend of Unduk Ngadau. Haha. This contest was started in order to respect Huminodun, the most beautiful one. Everyone who saw her will be mesmerised. Besides, she was a woman with full of wisdom and even kind-hearted. She used to be the only child of Kinoingan and Suminundu.

Crowned Unduk Ngadau Sabah State Level 2010 – Crystal Eve Huminodun Majimbun (Tanjung Aru)

There, a prolonged drought hit the land and those people of Sabah, they can't have food as all the plants dried out and animals died because of lack of foods. Kinoingan was worried for his people. Seeing all the suffering people, Huminodun came towards her father and told him that she willing to sacrifice herself for their sake. Kinoingan was shocked and sad because of that, but he knew that Huminodun spoke the truth.

Who will be the next Unduk Ndagau 2011? Haha, that one we’ll have to wait till the End of May, it would be held at Hongkod Koisaan, KDCA, Sabah. Above picture is the Unduk Ngadau Represent Tuaran for this year, Caroline Anthony! Haha. She is pretty, isn’t it? (Picture from Filex De Randy Indra – He’s a very talented photographer, you can view some of his photography works Here)

Wonder who’s Unduk Ngadau from my district, Tamparuli? Haha. This one is the Unduk Ngadau represent my district later to Hongkod Koisaan, Unduk Ngadau Tamparuli 2011, Miss Jovenea Jim Lajim. She also so pretty, nice smile! Haha. J

Based on the legend too, before she was sacrificed, it is told by old folks that Huminodun gave her father lots of instructions and messages, to be delivered to all people of Sabah. One of them that I’d managed to hear myself from my grandfather and grandmother is about the existence of Bambarayon’s spirit inside every small cereal of the paddy. Therefore, we cannot simply throw away rice or food just like that. Otherwise, the Bambarayon’s spirit would get angry and sad. Whenever the spirits are getting angry, it’s feared that the paddy harvesting would be less in the following year.

Beautiful Paddy Cereals. There is lying the Bambarayon’s spirit. I‘d really love to hear their stories, poor that I couldn’t meet them anymore. Hmm.

Haha. Back to Huminodun’s story. Huminodun's prediction was true. As her blood touched the land, the land revived and produces the food. That's why the Kaamatan Festival is being celebrated. Nowadays, Kaamatan Festival is more to a way of preserving the culture heritage of Sabah and is a great tool to unite Sabahan people through many activities which they’ll hold together during this Kaamatan celebration. Whoa, Can’t wait to step on that land, my beloved homeland again! Haha.

Would you believe me if I told you that I am addicted to these kind of food? Hehe. Here got Linatak, and Bosou! Hahaha! Hmm.. I guess, I shall tell you all about more traditional foods in Sabah later, some day. Believe me, they are delicious! Haha. Wink.

P/S: It’s a long story about how Kaamatan has started but I guess, you may be able to pamper such inquiries yourself by having some research about it, didn’t you? Hehe. See ya again! Ciao~ (^_~)m 

Witch Vera can't wait for Kaamatan 2012! New spells lesson within the month. Urghh. Hehe.

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