Saturday, 7 May 2011

Way to Go With ‘Love You Mr Arrogant!’

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Hi again dear World! Como estas? Haha.

After finishing all of my examination papers last Wednesday, seriously, I was kind of having too much free time and it has totally driven me crazy. Hahaha. Got to wait for few days to have another business which is excavation, and in the meantime, I was like a silly doll wandering around in my room. Well ya, I got packing thingy to do for the last three days, but most of the time, I was in my room! Watching those Online Korean and Japanese Dramas are still unable to keep me stay entertained. Haizz… Haha!

Then came this sudden thought of looking for some online novels and downloading few English short stories E-Book through internet. Guess that I was just kept on browsing, clicking and opening any interesting websites that I found this online novel – Love You Mr Arrogant, by Aliesha Kirana! Haha J

The Book Cover of this Novel.

However, it’s a novel in Malay Language. Since I am entering my degree course of English Studies for Professionals, I remember that it’s a rare already for me to read books in Malay Language. Considering those reference books written in English, I can no other say than I have to, to read materials in that language. Pretty sad, but I am still stealing for some times to read them, though. Haha.Wee~

I would say not much about the story because it’s still an on-going novel writing. I would just tell you that it has a nice introduction with few weirdos (as usual..Hehe), not so complicated in language usage and very recent, as it portraying the latest situation of our people’ life. It’s a story of commoner Zaara and Irham with their laughable fights and teases. Haha! Kind of romantic, but I’d love the sense of humours. Hehe. We can read the novel by episodes in [here]. 

P/S: Usually, a forced marriage is related to parent’s will. In this novel, it’s totally due to the groom’s will. Interestingly, there is No LOVE! Haha. Can’t wait to see the development of the cute Zaara and Irham! Muahaha~

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aliesha kirana said...

hello there vera! thank you for reviewing my novel! heheeh.. love it! muah3! ^______^

Vera Veraneeta Jaynes said...

Hi Aliesha Kirana! was that you?? Whoa... I almost cant believe it.. hahaha... :)

Ur welcome, Haha.. I like the stOry very mUch! Im Always waiting for its update ger.. Hahaha... =)

Adjaa2 with ur writing! Such a passionated person would always be able to produce something greater. Haha.. Yeehaa... :D

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