Monday, 27 June 2011

A Night With TESCO Sungai Petani

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Aloha! Hahaa. It’s a day, with a row of updates again! ;p

All things that I share today would be those things that I’ve forgot to embrace in my dearie blog, due to my internship business. I guess that it always not too late to share and I myself would like to keep it as my memorial sheets, maya but it once existed. J

Archaeology Field Work; wondering if it’s all about excavating? Haha, definitely not. I still remember, it was the time where I’ve got to see lots of things, and let you know one secret; we’ve been to shopping quite a lot! Haha. One of them is at the TESCO Sungai Petani, Kedah.

They are my companions while we were wandering around inside the shopping complex. Took the time to snap the moment while we were waiting for our food, Chicken Chop! Hahah. The only guy you see inside the picture is Shahrul, also called as Shiro, in the middle is Lucy, an outstanding girl in talking and the other one is Kak Siti, my group facilitator – Group 5. Mind you know that she’s a very strict one and most of the time I was kind of getting fed up with her, but overall, she’s quite a good person. Following the flow is not easy but it’s worthy in order to maintain an understandings. Haha.

Oopss, I don’t want to miss the moment too maa…! Hahaha! I love the ‘Fight Child Abuse and Baby Dumping Campaign’ T-Shirt very much! It kind of makes me look thinner! Muahahah. *joke2*. Below picture is the picture of the Great Root Bear, I think is the mascot for A&W Restaurant? Haha.. Hmm. Can you see, he’s holding the A&W Root Beer Float in his right hand? Haha. My friends, Shiro and Lucy bought this while we stopped by inside the restaurant, and they got asked me to try it. It tasted very nice! Sweet and smooth with the floating beer bubble and the mesmerising tasty beer under it! I think I am going to get this one if I ever get the chance to visit A&W again, some day! Hahah.

Me? I bought that one, Ice Cream only ger. Hahaa! ==’ but it tasted quite good, with the chocolate topping and mixed ice cream vanilla with beer flavour, it wasn’t bad. Haha. I love sweet Ice Cream very much, and whatever you named it, I would say, I’m a fan of Ice Cream! Hihaa.

P/S: Writing this, suddenly, am wanting for Ice Cream.. Haizz. Hahaa. Where can get Ice Cream here in my internship place?  Think.. Think….. @_@

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