Monday, 17 October 2011

Bukit Tengkorak Pottery Remains

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I do always love history, and I always thought that learning Archaeology would be in the same way of learning History. I was wrong. Archaeology is far away different, and it demands more critical works and thinking. Archaeology is pro-science 'though it is not a Science. In UAW302 (Science in Archaeology), I'd almost failed, luckily that I managed to cope - at least, I wasn't failed. These are some picture of the pottery remains that I've studied for my UAW302 assignments. They were 1000 something in total of pieces, but.... Yeah, Nice memory, indeed. :) (Laugh).
This one used as the holder of a clay-made cover
Pottery remains, These called as 'plain surface' - without decoration on its surface.
An example of 'decorated surface' of pottery. The red-colored surface indicating that it had been exposed to heat.

P/S: Now it's time for Archaeological Excavation paper. My last paper for minor (sad). Really want to give my best for this paper (sigh). Everything should be fine, ya. :)

Photographed in Global Archaeological Research Centre (PPAG), USM, Penang

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