Wednesday, 19 October 2011

No More and No Less

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Aargh, it’s raining, and I feel like want to write. Hehe.

Someone said that it would be raining here in Penang, somewhere around 3 PM today; and I was like thinking about it before, waiting for rain  to fall, more to see whether his prediction is correct or not. So true that, in about 15 minutes before 3 PM just now, the rain starts to fall. Haha. It’s not that I’d believe on his prediction already, but yeah, he made up some of my bubbly thoughts today. Laugh2.

Listening to this song by Joanna Wang – I Love You, reminds me of someone. He told me that ‘my love for her is like; no more and no less’. I think that I’ve understand what he meant by it now. A guy’s love towards a girl doesn’t have a clear measure. So many things they want to say but they often realised, most of them could be sharp thorns for a girl’s heart.

I wouldn’t care on how they work it out, but for now, as I get myself entertained by this song, it keeps my remembrance for someone; deep there inside the forest right now.

I can only give my life and show you all I am in the breath I breathe
I will promise you my heart and give you all you need if it takes some time
and if you tell me you don't need me anymore
that our love won't last forever
I will ask you for a chance to try again to make our love a little better.

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