Friday, 16 December 2011

Two Ringgits

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8.00 P.M on 16 December 2011.

Today was a great day! Slowly I started to realise that those problems I faced, could be due to my own problems. I woke up early this morning and whispered to myself that it is never too late for something good to happen. All I have to do is to face them and put away all negative thoughts I have about things that has happened to me.

I opened Facebook and opened few meaningful messages that I have received within few days ago. Somehow I felt terribly sorry for did not replying any of them while there are so much concerns and loves are pouring out from there. Although it can be counted in fingers, but I felt glad I have those friends who are still so concerning about the others. I kept on smiling while reading those messages. I could not write anything, but deep in my heart I am much thankful to them. ‘I have worried you, is it? I do really sorry’ :)

It could be true that, as long as you’d never get to feel the real failure, you would never know the real joyfulness of success and winning. Before entering USM, I never have been involved in any conditions where I felt so much failure in me. I could say, I got everything I wanted, if not the whole, at least some of it which I still can laugh on and be proud of. There is really a Second Chance. I am glad that I got to feel it in this way.

I finished my planned works for today - the palinology analysis and the XRF data, and I felt hungry as soon as I step out from PPAG. 12 hours without eating and drinking something totally has made me felt exhausted. If only I didn’t think about unfinished works in PPAG, I must have rushing for foods with the rest of CUS members once we finished the Exam Mass this afternoon. Laugh.

Then came the saddest part. I realised that I don’t have much money left in my wallet. There are only some coins left, which in total is RM2.00. I felt so bad and worried that I won’t be able to make it, to eat before going back to hostel. Amazingly, as I follow my steps, it brought me to CG. Still in so much confusion and worries, I went to the food counters. With only two ringgits in my hand, I was thinking on what I can eat.

I ended up of having rice, tauhu sambal lada and chicken nuggets. It costs me RM1.30. I was like – astounded and amazed. It enabled me to have drink as well – as usual, warm water for RM0.20. I felt so much relief once I finished my meals. It was more than enough, more than what I have expected before spending the RM2.00.

You might laugh on this story of mine, but you could not imagine how grateful I am because of this experience. I felt as God has given me His hand and lead me all the way through the difficulties. I felt hungry and weak but His mercy on me has made me even stronger.

It made me to realise that there are many more people out there who are living without money at all, without enough foods to eat and without sufficient welfare and medicinal care. 12 hours no eating at all has made me shaken and weakened, how about for two to three days without food?

I am much thankful to you God that You are always there, Your love stay still, You never leave me. You might not give me things that I wanted, but You would provide everything that I need. Thank you dear God. Amen.

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