Thursday, 5 January 2012

30 Days Blog Challenge!

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10:44PM, on 5th January 2012.

Halo Worldians! Moshi-moshi and Anyeonghaseyo! J

Thought of want to write something, but I couldn’t think of any specific topics for now. Ahaha. But still, I don’t want to miss out, on posting something to TMOD before the day goes to a new day. We can’t repeat this 5th January! Haha.

Just a short post tonight, announcing that I want to take this challenge! (Wah, Hahaks) What challenge? This, this, this! Tengok bawah. Hahaha!

I got see this through one of my friend’s Blog ‘A Walk to the Memory Lane’ by Ditzy. We used to know each other in USM. She’s one year ahead, and now she’d graduated. Sweet blog title kan? Very sentimental and peaceful. Haha. Only that, in my post, I put my own banner, not to say it’s a challenge offered by me, but rather to motivate myself. Muahaha. You can view the original post by her in here. J

I think that, why not I give a try on this? Witch Vera must learn on how to enhance her spells! Ahaha.

So, within the 30-Days Blog Challenge, basically I’ll have to write on these topics. For a while, I was actually in doubt too, some materials needed for each topic, I’m lacking on it. Where to find those old pictures? Can I remember very clear what I’ve been doing back to 5 – 7 years ago? Haha. Anyway, I would just try my best on it then.

    • Day 02: A photo of you & your family.
    • Day 03: Your recent activity.
    • Day 04: Idea of a perfect date.
    • Day 05: When was the last time you did something for the 1st time?
    • Day 06: Your celebrity crush.
    • Day 07: Picture of u 2 yrs ago & now & how u've changed since then.
    • Day 09: A song to match your mood.
    • Day 10: One of your favourite photo.
    • Day 11: Something you ate today.
    • Day 12: A photo of the last item you purchased
    • Day 13: Your footwear collection.
    • Day 14: What have you been doing for the past 1 week?
    • Day 16: TV show that you currently addicted to.
    • Day 17: Your favourite photo with your friends.
    • Day 18: A photo of somewhere you've been to recently.
    • Day 19: What's in your make up bag?
    • Day 20: A random photo and it's description.
    • Day 23: How was your day today?
    • Day 24: Meaning behind your blog name.
    • Day 25: Things you look forward to.
    • Day 26: Your favourite cartoon character.
    • Day 28: Things you've been eyeing on but haven't got the chance to own it.
    • Day 29: 3 random photos you've taken 3 years ago.
    • Day 30: Ur today's photo & 3 good things happened in past 30 days.

I do not know whether I can finish this challenge but having a try is always a good move! Wish me all the best in this ya! In anytime, I would start this challenge. Hahah. Must get ready juga kan. Ahaks.

Ahaha. Last but not least, if you’re interested to do this too, come, come! Let’s do it together-gether. Hahaha. Wink2.

So there it is, seems like Witch Vera will be ‘berrybusy’ in her new spells lesson! Hehe.

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Ditzy said...

Well..well...well..are u ready for the challenge? I hope u are cuz im gonna keep on checking oh..hihihi..padahal sdiri pnya tdk pun abis kan?haha...maybe I should try nnt,good luck witch!hope u can use ur magic pen and mind power to fill this blog challenge of yours...good luck! ;-)

Vera Veraneeta Jaynes said...


Masih dalam persediaan ini.. hihi... Yeeha, makasih Witch Ditzy....!!

Will start within few days, walaupun sbnrnya skrg pun mau start suda...ahahha... xpa, msti bsabar kan..hihhi... :PP


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