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30DBC: Day 1 - 15 Facts About Witch Vera

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Moshi Moshi, Anyeonghaseyo Dear Worldians! Haha. J

Yes, finally it is! Officially, I’ll be starting the 30 Days Blog Challenge by today! Wee. Hahaha. Kind of late in starting it, I was focusing into my last two papers of this week. Haha. maaf2. But I said will start it in anytime kan. Hehe. Wink2.

Dup dap, dup dap… Witch Vera, are you ready? Hahaha. So this is the Day 1 for Witch Vera’s 30 Days Blog Challenge Spells Lesson and the lesson is ’15 Facts About Me’. Hohoho.

When I tried to list down these 15 Facts of me, I realized that it’s not an easy thing to do actually. I do really have to think whether this is a fact or just a current description of me. But anyway, these are 15 facts about me that I would like to share to all of you, and beware, don’t laugh haa, otherwise I’ll catch you tonight for my dinner meals. Muahaha. Joke2.

#Fact 1: I’m a DUSUN Girl, Not a VIETNAMESE!!#

Usually people mistakenly considered me as a Chinese, so far as what I have experienced during my study years in USM; so where the Vietnamese came from? This is kind of funny, every time I went back to Sabah or went back to Penang, this thing would happen. Remember that we’ve to go through the Imigresen counter? Those officers were different each time, but their question was all the same “Are you Vietnamese?” Somehow, I wouldn’t really care to be mistakenly considered as a Chinese but Vietnamese; that made me to think, do I actually really looked like as one of those female Vietnamese workers, who’d came to Malaysia, or those Vietnamese women that I saw in Rapid Penang bus (?) Hurmm.

#Fact 2: She Can Stands 3 Days without Eating Rice and 1 Month without Meats#

Yes, I’m a strong girl! Hahaha! (What the). But, this is really happening. I couldn’t count how many times I’ve been in this situation where I didn’t have rice in my daily meals. Usually, I didn’t able to have it when I was stucked in works, attracted to another type of meals or because of I don’t have enough money to spend throughout the month, forced me to not have them for few times. 1 month without meats? I knew many out there are vegetarian, and 1 month could be just a small period of time compared to years of being Vegetarian. Hehe. But, I’m still proud that I’m able to keep aside those meals with meats for one month. Muahaha! (XD)

#Fact 3: She Loves To Cook Like A Chef In The Kitchen!#

For now, I am not able to cook by myself since the hostel rules doesn’t allow its students to cook inside. But, I told you I do really want to cook! If I wanted to cook something, and I do not know how to cook them, I would refer to Mr Google. Ahakz. I remember, back to Golumn’s House, he wanted to eat Mee Soup and Fish dishes. I never cook Mee Soup before, but I guessed I can remember the way my mother prepared them. Guessed what, my first trial went on very nice. Haha! Both of us were having it for two times on that night and he finished it all alone by the next morning! Ahahah! I hate to make fried fish, because I don’t like the ‘jumping oils’ whenever I put fish into it! Gladly, that now I’ve learned on how to face them. I made Tilapia Fried Fish with Tomato-Oyster Onion Sauce for him on that day. In my own home, I love to prepare dishes with saucy materials and rempah-ratus. However, whenever it’s my turn to cook, I’ll be in the kitchen as early as 9 – 10 in the morning because I have to prepare everything (awal juga?? Hehe). I got many family members, so preparing the foods earlier is the good way to ensure everything prepared on time and enough for everyone! Hahah.

#Fact 4: She Thinks That She Would Never Be Able To Ride A Motorcycle#

Ourgh, this is bad for Witch Vera, but she have to admit it. Hoho. Back to my hometown, I love to ride bicycle and I’m happy that I got to learn it, which people consider as a basic knowledge if we wanted to ride motorcycle in the future. But, it went to a bad experience when I tried to apply it on motorcycle. I almost fall down from the hill if only there was no railing. Huh. I felt as if my soul has coming out from my body and my body was shaking for the next few days! Until now, I never tried to ride a motorcycle again, and to be honest, actually I feels like that I don’t have the talent to ride them. Poor me, right.

#Fact 5: She Have Three Visible Great Scars on Her Body#

Wink2. On Her Body? Whoa, don’t jump so fast into conclusion that it might be including those areas ya? Aiyaa. Hahaha! Actually, all these three scars can be seen directly if you got to see me in personal like chatting to each other. Only that, some may not be able to notice them all this time. Hehe. The first scar is the one within my left eyebrows. I got this while I was 3 years old. My mother told me that I was falling down from the stairs while running to them, in intention to tell them about my small sister might be fallen from her bed anytime, (she was sleeping) causing the wounded brow’s area to never be able to grow anymore. Haha. The second one, I remember the date was on 01.01.2000. It was called as Y2K year if I’m not mistaken. I was running in the rain to get some soap from the outside bathroom of our house in Tamparuli, fell down in the middle of the running, and get wounded on my left hand palm. These two scars resulted from the sewing operation in the hospital. The third one is on my left foot wrist. This is the most recent scar I got from wounds caused by shoes. It left two black scars on it, looks terrifying you know. Anyway, what to do? As long as I’m still alive, it’s much better and I shall be grateful. Hehe.

#Fact 6: She is Very Annoying and Totally Annoyed If She Get Pissed Off, Trust It!#

All this time, I can be considered as a person with high patience. I am not easily getting angry and if I ever felt angry, somehow, I am bad in expressing such feeling. So, I would just keep everything inside and let everything fade out slowly by each time passed. However, there were few times in my whole life that I’m getting pissed off and somehow couldn’t control my anger and the way I look at the people around. Even the closest person with me will get annoyed because of me. Therefore, if there’s anyone felt that I’ve annoyed you or somehow has made me felt annoyed, I would like to express my apology. After all, it’s human nature, we play with our emotions and sometimes we may fail. Hua3.

#Fact 7: She Was Born On The Same Date (Not Year) With Howard Carter! (Hehe)#

Have you heard about Howard Carter? Howard Carter (9 May 1874 – 2 March 1939) was an English archaeologist and Egyptologist, noted as a primary discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Hehe. I do always love history and those ancient founds and discoveries, and knowing that Howard Carter was born on that date, made me feels very happy. Ahahah. Somehow, he was a great archaeologist, and we were having kind of same interests, which made me feel lofty. Uhuk2. Muahaha.

#Fact 8: She Loves To Travel and Photography#

Yes, I do love both of them in a same time! Haha. So far, I’ve travelled to some interesting places and the most memorable one is during our SRC ‘Stepping Out beyond the Region’ educational trip to Hong Kong, and it always great to see different places with different people and cultures. I’ve got the chances to visit many places during my almost 3 years in USM such as Kuala Lumpur City, Langkawi Island, Genting Highland, Cameron Highland, many interesting places in Penang such as War Museum, Jerejak Island, Botanical Garden, Monkey Beach, Penang National Park, Georgetown Heritage City, and few more. There are actually some more but they were belong to ‘short trip category’ only that I had forgotten some of them. Muahaha. However, they couldn’t be compared with my desires to travel around Sabah, my own state! I even haven’t been able to conquer the Mt. Kinabalu! (sad). As long as I haven’t done this, I won’t be satisfied! Hohoho.

#Fact 9: She Once Experienced a Strange Skin Disease over Her Both Feet’s Palm#

If you’re one of my childhood friends during my year 1 – 3 in Sekolah Kebangsaan Kinirasan, Ranau (1996 – 1998), I bet that you could try to remember a girl who was always being absent from the class, for more than three days, once in every semester! I didn’t mean to, but wounds and puses caused by the disease made me unable to walk. I told you, back to the time, there’s no transport provided to fetch students and we have to walk for about 4km to reach the school. I was kind of suffering with the skin diseases for almost three years (it’s kind of seasonal disease, once every six months, it will get worst), every night I would cry as my mother put some cream medicines on it. It was very painful! However, there was one day that my mother brought back some leaves (Until know, I do not know the name of the leaves, she refused to tell me), mashed it and stick them all over my feet skin. By the next morning, all the wounds get dried and I felt better. My mum put them again the next nights and it get full dried up after one week. That was the last of the disease and it never appears again…

#Fact 10: She Is a Novel Freak#

*Angkat Kening*. Really? Am I a novel freak? (Haha). yes, I do. You might not seeing me with a novel in my hand everytime you met me, but I have many novels in my collection. I have eight novels in my room now, while the other are already sent and kept in house, back to my hometown. Muahaha. I read both English and Malay novels, as long as the synopsis and its title are attractive enough to me (wah, haha). I love reading since I know how to read, and my mother was the one who have encouraged me to read Malay novels. She likes poems, short stories (called cerpen) and whenever she get chances to visit bookstore, I noticed that she would buy at least one literature book and surely, I would be able to have the share then! Hehe. Hurmm, writing this, made me to miss her very much! Mum, I’m sorry if I never been a good daughter to you (Huhu).

#Fact 11: She Love Guys With Short – Natural Hair Style Only, X For Long!#

Yes, that is the truth. No exception. Hoho. I knew that some might say that a guy having a long hair looks different and more sensual, but I felt as if they would make my own hair get jealous. Hahaha. Joke. Seriously, I couldn’t imagine if I’m going to hug, to squeeze my man’s body and his hair at the same time! What a distraction kan? Ahaha. I preferred a guy with a short – natural hair style, and even if he cut his hair into completely bald, I wouldn’t care. Hahaha.

#Fact 12: Once Fell In Love with a Primary School Teacher#

Ok, this is kind of (?). But, it’s fact. Hehe. It’s an old story, so it wouldn’t be too much if I share a bit about it. Haha. I met him while visiting my brother in his school. He is a handsome young teacher, and was still a freshie teacher in the school at that time. I didn’t know that he asked for my phone number from my brother and started contacting me. He was good and kind, but somehow, I felt that it just doesn’t work out. Haha. I wished that he gets a good life out there. Haha.

#Fact 13: Once Fell In Love with a Young Future Politician (I Guess He Is, Ha2)#

This one, also, might be a kind of (??). Hahaha. Ok, to be honest, this person, many of my friends might know about him. He is a bit different with his philosophical world and his own desires. He was good and a brilliant anyway, but as we go on our life, there’s a point that we would know that it’s just not right, so does it happened. I wished that he gets a good life out there too. Haha.

#Fact 14: Had Her Very First Childhood Love When She Was 12 Years Old, Which Lasted For One Day Only!#

So many love stories to tell right? Hahah. If Golumn read these, surely I would be punished later. Ahakz. However, all of us have our own pasts kan? Same goes with me. It’s a story but it has taught us to be a stronger person by each moment that we experienced in life. For this one, I know that he is somewhere out there, looking for a better life, just like me. I wished him the same too. J

#Fact 15: She Loves Make-up!#

Okay, finally the end of all the facts. Yeah. Hahaha. Just a simple statement has described this fact kan, I guess. Hahah. I love grooming myself, but not at all time; only when it needs me to and it is suitable with the function. For daily make-up, some touch of wet powder, little foundation, mascara, eye liner, few brush of blusher powder and lip balm would just work out for me. Hahaha.

So, that’s the end of my post for the Day 1 of 30 Days Blog Challenge. Very the long right? Hahaha. Feels like want to laugh, cry, and wide opened-eye; it’s ok. I felt them all. Wakaka. Thanks for reading Witch Vera’s spells! J

She is in such a good mood that she will have some movie marathon by tonight! Watch Out! Hehe.

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we're the same! I love guys with short hair too! (lol) xD

Witch Vera said...

Alia Azmi ◕‿◕::

Hahahhaa!! Yeeahh!! *Give me five!!*... Hahahha

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