Thursday, 26 January 2012

30DBC: Day 16 - I'm Addicted To A Garden. Haha!

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Hye2 Worldians, Konichiwa! Haha :)

For the 16th Challenge of 30 Days Blog Challenge, it asked me to tell about 'current TV Show that you're addicted to'. Hahaha (!). First, I haven't watched TV for so long already. Second, I don't have any TV show that I'm addicted to for now. Haha. Can I just tell you about this then.... Hehehe. WInk2.

Haha.. Yezza, Secret Garden. Tapi masa tak cukup untuk tulis lagi. Huhu. Nanti saya story mory k. Jumpa besok (!). Peace !

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EzRa said...

Sypun addicted sm ni movie..KYAAAA~
walaupun lama sdh dia hbs,bru skarang ni sy tgk..hahahaha..ketinggalan zaman bha sy ni..

Mat Pintu said...

this drama is awesome, even though a boy does not watch korean drama that much. haha. dia punya OST pun best. lalala

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