Thursday, 12 January 2012

30DBC: Day 2 - A Photo With My Family!

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Haloo Dear Worldians! How Ya Doing! Haha. J

So, I’m going to continue the 30 Days Blog Challenge’ again! Wee. Hahaha. Today is the Day 2 of the challenge and I shall be showing you a picture of myself with my family. Haha. However, so sad because I found that, I don’t have any recent picture which every one of my family members and me myself are inside the picture. Huhu.

However, I have an edited picture of my family. Muahaha. I mean, the picture is the combination of all of my family members. Where? Where? Tengok bawah. Hahaha.

So we have our big boss, my father and second big boss, my mother. Hohoho. I’m the eldest in my family and I have five more brothers and sisters behind me. To know more about them, I’ve wrote about them in one of my previous post HERE. J

Not much to talk about today’s post kan? Hahaha. I wish that they’re always in a good situation, be blessed in everything they do. I miss them all, we’ll meet again in April, my beloved family! J

Witch Vera – she’s sad that she couldn’t be back for this January – February holiday, but she have to do it if she doesn’t want to continue doing that ‘mistake’ too much again. Hmm.

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