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30DBC: Day 3 – Oh, What A F.R.I.D.A.Y!!

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Hallo Worldians! Moshi Moshi, Anyeonghaseyo! Haha J

Hye, come and accompany me for my today’s post for the 30 Days Blog Challenge! Hahaha. Today is the Day 3 and based on the challenge guideline, I shall be writing about my recent activity! HoHoHo. Before starting on this writing, I was laughing on myself; I have forgotten about what is the day for today! Like a person who’ve just woke up and ‘kebingungan’, I grabbed my calendar and was checking the date! What a silly me! Hahaha.

So, Vera, today is Friday, F.R.I.D.A.Y. Hehe. (Laugh2). This would be my second last Friday for my whole 5th semester as an undergraduate student in USM. Oh, how fast the time flies! It’s just like yesterday that I stepped inside this university. To count of, I haven’t been able yet to visit all places in this university; one of it is the gymnasium. Hehe. Ketaranya tidak pernah turun bersenam di sana, kan. Hehe. Oops, kind of keluar tajuk already. Ok, back to the main story, let’s hear Witch Vera want to story-mory again. Haha (!).

The RM200 Book Voucher

Today, I started my moves after 2:00PM. Guess what I’ve been doing before that (?). I was working out my TMOD new face like a, some kind of geek in my room. Muahaha. (XD). Pretty tired to adjust all the gadgets but I think I should be proud of myself because I can finish it in one day, compared to my previous trial, which lasted for almost two weeks! *Clap-clap My Hand* Muahaha. Finished everything, I quickly get ready to go out to my school, to collect the RM200 Book Voucher (Picture Above). Wohoo! Really happy to get such gifts from our Prime Minister, Thank you PM, Thank you Malaysia! Haha. Honestly, in my thought before, RM200 is not that much actually. (Greedy Witch Vera, right? Hehe). But, once I hold the four pieces of Voucher, with each entitled RM50, I started to feel that it’s actually quite a lot! Imagine that there are thousands of university students in Malaysia, and everyone is entitled for the voucher! @@. I guess, I should think wisely, what I’m going to buy with these vouchers. Hehe.

Drink while waiting for my foods

Yeah, My Food. Simple but still Yummy to my Stomach. haha!

With so much excitement of getting that voucher and wondering what books I should buy with them, there came my appetite to eat. To be precise, I was getting hungry as I haven’t eaten anything since last night. Hehe. I went to Anjung Semarak USM, looking for foods (Hungry Witch... Haha!). I ended up of having Nasi Goreng Kampung Telur Mata and Susu Cincau. Mwahaha. What was there to wait anymore? I swallowed everything, within 15 minutes. Ha-Ha-Ha. You see the foods, just a normal order, but for a hungry people like me, this looks delicious ever! Ahakz.

This fried rice full with rempah-ratus, but it's not spicy

Inilah dia Telur Mata Naga! Hahaha! Kidding.

I did some writing while sitting in the Anjung Semarak, trying to scribble everything that is inside my mind. I have just reading some blog posts by some of my friends by this early morning, and trough them, I tried to get some inspirations, how I’m going to live myself for the rest of my days. So many things happened that sometimes I felt why I must have to face those things? It is painful, but I know, I must go on my life, even with what’s left of me. Ouch, feeling lagi! Hahaha. Ok, that’s what I’ve thought while eating actually. Hihi.

I went to USM New Library PHS3 then after that. My brother asked me to set for his Facebook Mobile Setting and to do it with my own laptop in the hostel would be much risky. It’s not that there’s a problem with my laptop, it’s just that the connection there is not that good. It’s kind of slow, and many times, it would become unresponsive. I hate that! And I’m not that patient, kalau sudah hilang sabar, I will just simply ‘shut down’ dengan paksa ganas tu. Siapa suruh degil kan. Hahaha.

My Simple Samsung Phone. Friend to my Nokia. But Both I didn't use FB Mobile Haha.

I managed to do the setting for him. He told me that he was boring back to our village in Tamparuli, that’s why he was asking me to help him for the setting. Since there’s no internet connection there, I felt that it is my responsibility to try to help and give the best for my own siblings. I guess that now, he is enjoying it already. Laugh and smile like a newlywed when receiving and accepting comments or status updates from his selected friends in FB. Oops, couldn’t tell you who they are, but I laughed actually looking at his list. Sshhh… Ha Ha Ha. My funny brother.

So, those things are the recent activities that I’ve done within this day. I’m still waiting for my last paper to be finished, and still have to do packing for my stuffs. Every semester, all students who are staying in the Desasiswa Hostel would have to pack and keep our stuffs inside the store before the semester break begins. I dislike packing; with the fact that every semester, you’ll found how much your things has increased in quantity! Sigh.

That’s all for my post, for this Day 3 of the 30 Days Blog Challenge. Thanks for reading, Hihi… kalau suka boleh like, atas ada, bawah pun ada FB Like Button tu, wink2… (Aiseh, perasan lah kan, belum tahu pun, entah ada tidak yang membaca my hasil taip-taip ni, ahakz). Anyway, we’ll meet again! Have a nice Friday night everyone! Adjaa! Haha.

Rest is in priority too; thought of want to hear some Dusun songs tonight. Ben S. Bukang never failed to drown me into his songs, and I have to keep my remembrances for someone too, refreshing this only little heart I have. J

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