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30DBC: Day 5 - The Last Time For Something First Time

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Hallo, Moshi Moshi and Anyeonghaseyo Worldians! Haha. :)

How was your Sunday for today? I wish that everything went well and wonderful for everyone of you! Hahaha. Well today Sunday is one of the most awesome Sundays I've ever experienced for this 5th Semester of being and Undergraduate Student in USM! Will story-mory about it to you all later once I done with the 5th Challenge of the 30 Days Blog Challenge Ok! So for today, I shall be writing, talking and spelling about 'when was the last time you did something for the first time?'. Let's check it out, what's have been up with me about this topic. Muahaha. XD.

Genting Highland, A Playground Up On the Hill (Picture from Genting Highland Website)

Alkisahnya bermula cerita (Hehe), segalanya terjadi di Genting Highland! Haha. I think, my trip with some other of my CUS Besties aka Friends to Genting Highland somewhere in October last year has given me such a memorable experience! Genting Highland is such a beautiful place with its theme parks and recreation attractions which could make you feels like as if you're some kind of fairy having some playing time in your wonderful fairy park! Well, that's actually true, Genting Highland is a playground. Ahahah.

The Roller Coaster! I took this picture while waiting for our turn. 

Ok2, so what's the last time for something first time, that has happened in this place? First one, I got to ride the Roller Coaster for the first time in my life!! Wohooo!! Hahahah. I was so Excited the moment we reached Genting because I always heard about Roller Coaster, and I wondered how was it feels like to ride on that thing. I told you, few minutes before the 'Departure Time' of the Roller Coaster, I was shaking all over my body. Macam mahu tarik diri, batalkan saja mahu naik that thing. But malu lah dengan other visitors, penat-penat beratur, last-last tarik diri kan? Hahaha! Apa lagi, hentam seja lah! Walaupun dengan kaki yang sudah tidak terasa menjejak bumi gara-gara kepanikan yang menyerang secara tiba-tiba, dipaksa juga masuk dalam badan Roller Coaster tu. Hihihi. It's not a very long ride, but the impact of the Roller Coaster fast movement definitely will give you a great shit! Hahahaha! Ooopss... :p (sampai sekarang macam masih terbayang rasa terjunam time naik that thing...huuu). Tapi, bila tengok picture yang automatically snapped (ada disediakan, nak ambik kena beli lah), kagum juga, boleh pula saya tersenyum dalam tu??! Hahahaa! Senyuman bercampur air mata..Uhuks. I do not know bila lagi boleh ride this fast moving thing so called Roller Coaster, so I just consider it as one of the last time I've ever done something for the first time! Ehehehe. XD.

'The Mysterious Visitor...'

Then, the second 'first time' juga berlaku masa di Genting. I've accidently captured a picture of Ghost (If I could name it). Hua3. It was during our third day in Genting, when we were about to going back to Penang already. Some of my friends were standing in-front of the Merry Go Round, while me and two other friends were taking their picture. Once we reached USM, on that night juga I transferred all the pictures into my lappie and starting to examine them one by one, yang cantik tu I keep lah and yang huduh-huduh tu mestilah rejected kan. Hehehe. Yang blurr sahaja actually. Hahaha. Then, I noticed 'his existence' la. Why HIS? Because of he's a man figure, and he was standing right behind my two friends. See picture. I thought that he was just one of the workers for the Merry Go Round, but honestly actually, I felt If he really was, he won't bother to take picture with us while they are many children passengers were needing their attention for safety purposes. Hmm.

Genting Higland is a nice place. The Colourful painted big building - we used to stay there. Hehe

Another doubts are that, he wasn't standing inside the Merry Go Round place, He was standing very close with the two friends of mine. They didn't remember that someone has standing that close with them. His face was pale, and the point that he was looking directly to my camera put me in terrifying situation for a while. The other cameras didn't have his face although ada beberapa picture diambil serentak masa itu. But, now, it's OK already, although we couldn't explain very well who was he, but the fact here is that, it's the first time ever for me to be able to record such a 'paranormal activity' with my very own camera. Hey, if you're coincidentally got to read this because of you want to get some information about Genting Highland or such strange stories about Genting, I told you, this should not be a big deal for you ya. It's just a part of our whole experience in Genting and I'm sure you would have your own story to tell about Genting! Genting is a good place, and I am much encouraging you to spend some holiday time up there. Yeah. Hahah.^^

Gian lantern was hanging in the middle of 1st Avenue! 

Bubly Bubly Hanging Lanterns!

I think that would be the end of my entry for the Day 5 of 30 Days Blog Challenge. Hahaha. As promised, I would share to you what I've been doing for today. Well, my day started as early as 6:00AM in the morning, get ready to go to OLS with the other CUSers. Sunday Mass started at 8:30AM and ended at around 9:30 something. We went makan2 as a big group as usual and headed for our own destination after that. Me? I joined for the Movie Team -Mellisa, Maureen, Marcela, Arthur, Catherine, Ronoer, Vera - (Hoho) at 1st Avenue and we got 'The Darkest Hour'. Muahaha! Should I give a review of this movie? I think next time. Hehehe. Finished with TDH, I went with some other friends for Red Box (Lalalalalaa Box). Think you can guess what was it kan? Hahaha. There were just four of us, but the voice like we were having a big party. Gladly no rain coming down. Guess that our voice merdu lah juga tu kan? kan? wink2. ahahaha. Joke. :p Thanks to you all, for the great time! *I'm very impressed with two of our juniors' shuffling skill! Cath and Ronoer!! *If only I could do the same* *Sigh*.

Just notice about this area, on the very top floor of 1st Avenue. Interesting place to view some parts of Penang! ^_^

Lastly, I wish you all to have a great Sunday Night! I've gotta give more concentration for my next Exam Paper LEM313, and give the best shot I could ever give for this paper. My CW wasn't that good but I realized why it was like that. Guess that every thing happened for a reason, and 'though they are sometimes feel bitter, but somehow we just have to move on. I do not know what is in my course-mates' thoughts but I just couldn't really care about it. If it's in negative side, even a little bit positive to appear would be a great gift ever for me. *Smile*.

I was touched by these song lyrics while the Mass was held today, and just couldn't stand myself not to cry. I felt like as if God has spoken to me through the lyrics and give me comfort. True enough, as I won't be back during this holiday to my hometown, and there are so many things are scrambling around in my head. Thanks Dear God that your Love has never failed to entertain my heart and my soul. :)

Do not be afraid, I am with you
I have called you each by name
Come and follow Me
I will bring you home
Come and rest in Me

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Mad Maureen said...

Nice pics, xiao jie! Very proud of your photography skill. heheh.

:) You have beautiful voice what, of course would not rain. Have a great holiday and all the best for your exam yea. :)

Witch Vera said...

Mau2 ::

Thank you!! Picture main snap2 seja tu.. Hahahha... Wish u to have a great holiday too ^_^ nti jgn lupa bwa oleh2 dr srwak arr... muahaha (dengan muka tdk malu ba meminta)..hihi :p

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