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Adios 2011, Bienvenido 2012!

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5:53 AM, on 3rd January 2012.

Halo, Moshi-moshi, Anyeonghaseyo dear Worldians!

It’s already 2012 and I felt terribly sorry with my blog. T.T Dear Blog, sorry for have been ignoring you for quite some time! I did not even manage to update posts regarding Christmas and New Year Celebration! Hit my head! Hoho.

Anyway, I will try to share some of the precious moments during the festive seasons of 2011 here. Yes, for Christmas this year, I couldn’t go back to Sabah and celebrating it with my family as I used to do it previously (the new semester system has changed everything! >.<). Anyway, budget is not that supporting actually. Ahahaha. :p But Christmas was  still so wonderful as I had my CUS buddies for Christmas this year! Hahaha! Most of us didn’t go back during Christmas, so all we can do is to rock around, and enjoying it together with some activities which our Excos have organized and planned. (these two pictures are from Natra, one of CUS-ers, I edited them a bit but she'd got her remark there k. Hehe)

I do always love Christmas Carol, and we did it at Holy Family Home for Elderly in Ayer Hitam, Penang. It was a memorable Christmas Carol ever for me since we did it to entertain those elderly people in the centre and to share the joy of Christmas with them.

We enjoyed singing all of the songs, and I must give my credits to all of the CUS-ers as they were so sporting and happening during the Christmas Carol. Haha. Below is the video of our ‘rock performance’ (Ahakz).

One more video is for the last song of the Christmas Carol songs. Whatever it was, we did sing it from our heart ya. Heheh. Kind of ‘entertaining chaoses was it? Haha!

My Christmas was also wonderful as we stayed in FM House for 3D2N (23 – 25 Dec). FM stands for Fr. Murphy House. Within the 3D2N, we did lots of activity such as Exchange Gift, Santa Grant My Wish Today, Christmas Wishes Give-Away, Combined Prayer and also Christmas Feast! For the first time in my life, I cooked for more than 20 people! My task is ‘Fried Rice’ and ‘Chicken Soup’. I was so happy as my friends said they were delicious! (Kembang sekejap my heart! Hehehe). Uhukz. However, deep in my heart, I am really grateful for being able to learn on how to cook those meals. My mum is the most encouraging one, and maybe it is due to my own personal motivation too - I wished that at least I know, on how to cook few dishes for someone I love in the future. Muahaha. Xd.

We did Christmas Carol in Our Lady of Sorrow Catholic Church too on that night of Christmas. It went ok, but I still prefer our Carol in Holy Family Home as the best. Hohoho. The last song during the Christmas Carol in OLS was really a ‘chaos’ but I knew, we’ve tried. As long as the others enjoyed it, it should be worth of it then. Haha!

New Year Eve celebration was amazing too. I had my sister came from Seberang Prai to celebrate it together this year. Hua3. We ended up celebrated it with the other CUS-ers at Bali-Bali, with a bottle of Lauder’s Scotch whisky. Didn’t manage to have pictures on that night, but I brought back the bottle. I want keep my stars inside there, and the bottle is so cute! Haha! Will feature it up later, before it goes to someone’s hand. Oopss. Hehehe.

So that was how my Christmas and New Year went on this year. Not that very special but with the presence of my CUS family and my beloved sista, it was so wonderful. Since this is my final year in USM, this can be considered as my first and last Christmas Celebration in USM. Muahaha. (at least I got to experience it. hihii).

I think my head was like rolling around already. Very heavy and heavy. Gotta have some rest. Happy New Year Everyone! (Not that late right? Hehe. Just three days passed… hee) May you all have a tremendous new year! Adjaa!

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