Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mega Giveaway By Cik Bunny

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6:37PM, on 4th January 2012.

Anyeonghaseyo dear Worldians! Haha, we meet again! J

I browsed through some interesting blogs and found out about ‘Contest Segment’. Haha. Guess that, this would be the first ever segment that I’ve participated. Hua3x. Other Wizards, don’t laugh on me haah. I’m sharing you some good news ni. Hurry Up, Click on the banner below! Ahaha.

Anyway, I couldn’t wish to win much for such a great giveaway, I even do not know, how it would turn out, but I’d rather hope that I could give some ‘fresh breaths’ to my blog through this. Laugh. So here is the segment. It’s called as Mega Giveaway by Cik Bunny! held by Cik Bunny. Wink2. Haha.

How come it is called as a Mega Giveaway by Cik Bunny? Because, she got many sponsors on this! Wee.. Nice thing right, it’s kind of really exciting! J Below are those sponsors involved in this Mega Giveaway by Cik Bunny:

Cik Bunny(Blog) & (Fanpage)

Amir Nawawi – (Blog) & (Fanpage)

Amely Afandi – (Blog)

Mira Miraie – (Blog)

Shawls Gallery – (Blog) & (Fanpage)

Herba Tihara – (Blog)

Atienabila – (Blog)

Ika – (Blog) & (Fanpage)

Kedai Kaspersky Online (KKO) – (Blog) & (Fanpage)

If you go visiting their blogs and fanpages, ensuring that you do read about them. You’ll find that they are all having their own specialities such as in artworks, services, reviews and so on. All I could conclude is they are all inspiring.! Haha.

Ok, I think that’s all for today’s posts. Gotta give full concentration on my revision. Killer paper is coming! See you again tomorrow! Adjaa!

Witch Vera is participating Contest? Ouch, Witch Vera is just learning new spell actually! Yeeha! J

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Niena Sofea said...

Salam kenal ..
Niena singgah sini .. Niena ada buat GA , Lebih 51 pemenang akan dipilih ! Jom join ! Kemungkinan besar tarikh tutup akan dipercepatkan awal bulan March ..

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