Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Witch Vera's Blogwalking Mission!

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7:09AM, on 4th January, 2012.

Helo Worldians! Apa khabar? Selamat Pagi and Anyeonghaseyo! J

One of my resolutions for 2012 is to be committed with my blog. Uhuks2. Committed ya, not addicted! Hahaha! But I do love writing. If I love writing, then I will definitely hit my blog over and over again. Wouldn’t it be called as getting addicted to Blogging as well? (?).

I found that I have been so ‘Lazy Boss’ towards this dearie blog of mine, ‘The Moment of Dreams’ – TMOD. Hoho. I started blogging since 18 February, 2011, I’m counting days for it to celebrate its 1st year anniversary. Muahaha. Let’s hope that I’ll be more kind to TMOD this year. Hehe. Winks.

Ok, back to the main story! I was enjoying few hours ago with ‘B.L.O.G.W.A.L.K.I.N.G’. Hehe. Haha. Actually, I am a newbie in this kind of thing. I heard people talked about it, so I did Google it lah! Luckily, Mr Google never kedekut to give me information. Hehe. ‘Blogwalking’ means we’re having some ‘virtual trip through reading’ to the other blogs, mainly our blogger friends and those sites that we’ve joined, would like to join or stranger's sites. We visited their site and read their post pages, if they provide chat widget such as Shoutmix or Chatbox, then we can leave our greetings and short messages there. Aiseh, macam terer pula saya ni kan! Belum tahu betul tidak interpretasi diberi… xd. Muahaha!

So I did it. I started with those sites and blogs that I’ve followed and joined before. I read their stories on how their life goes on and how their passion in life has led their life. I told you, it’s really inspiring to read about the other’s stories! No matter what moods they were in while writing their posts, I found that there’s a sense of satisfaction in there. Some are chattering about messiness caused by other people, some are chattering about their boyfies and love relationship, but I found all of them as ‘inspiring’! It’s not about the excitement of looking through other’s life, but it’s rather of joyfulness that through words, we could help to heal each other’s!

Then, I went visiting my own followers’ blogs (if there is any links provided only, then). Oh, I just have 23 followers in my TMOD site. Kuang3x. Very small number, isn’t it? (Shy-shy, very the sad). Haha! Anyway, I managed to visit theirs and started to follow them back! Yeah! Hahaha! J J

Since I’m still new with this term ‘Blogwalking’ but I think it’s so interesting. Gotta spend some more time on it, as some of the blogs are neatly managed, with inspiring contents as well! Haha!

P/S: Now is in excitement of exploring blog widgets and customize those gadgets in my blog! Haha. Will story-mory to you all once I done with my collecting widgets session k ! (I found some already, arghh…. Excited, excited! Hahaha!)

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