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Black Swan: The Dance Of A Perfectionist

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Halo, Worldians! Anyeonghaseyo! J

I just finished watching one of the movies that I’ve targeted to watch once I knew that it has been released, which is the ‘The Black Swan’. Wohoo (!). hahaha. Sebenarnya movie ni lama sudah ada dalam simpanan movie saya tapi kekangan masa dan kemalasan menghambat diriku ini. Muahaha.

So this is the poster of the Movie and one thing that has impressed me a lot is the make-up for the Black Swan Part! Hahah. Can see from the next photos.

‘The Black Swan’ for me, is a heavy movie with its illusion and hallucination elements towards the main character, Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman). She is working as a ballet dancer in a company and has already been working for four years. She is a great dancer and could be said as the most dedicated dancer in the company. Look, she’s so pretty, is it? J

Natalie Portman (Nina Sayers, Swan Queen)

Nina In Her Life as a Ballerina

One thing, one problem with Nina is that, she is a perfectionist. She is very excellent in all her dance moves and techniques, but somehow, this caused her teacher, Thomas (Vincent Cassel) is only able to see her in the good side. He said that, he could only see the ‘White Swan’ inside her, not the Black Swan. The company will start their season with ‘Swan Lake’ and the main role is the ‘Swan Queen’. This role became the dream of every female dancer in the company, including Nina herself. However, it’s not an easy thing because other than to dance and to play the ‘White Swan’ part, the selected dancer must be able to embody the ‘Black Swan’ part too, at the same time.

Some of the scenes during the dancers practice and when Thomas chose those for audition

Oh, a little story about the ‘Swan Lake’ plays. Haha. In this movie, Thomas created his own version of the ‘Swan Lake’. A beautiful princess is embodied in the form of a swan, and she is called as ‘White Swan’. In order to free herself, she must find a true love. Only true love could give her freedom. The White Swan’s wish almost granted as she met a prince, but her lustful twin the ‘Black Swan’ came and seduced him. The prince finally falls for the wrong girl. White Swan felt so sad, and decided to kill herself to preserve her love for the prince. In the death, she finds her freedom.

Some personal scenes between Thomas and Nina including the one when she met him to ask for the Swan Queen Part

Nina, she worked really hard to get the part. However, she lost her balance during the audition after being distracted with the coming of Lily (Mila Kunis), one of the new dancers. She get disappointed as well with Thomas’s unfair decision, who did not even give her one more chance to show her dance for the ‘Black Swan’ part. She came home with depression and sadness.

However, Nina is so much desired to get the part that she came to meet Thomas personally. She wanted to ask for the part and tried to convince Thomas that she could do the ‘Black Swan’ part too. The conversation is one of the important scenes in this movie, as they talked about perfectionism a lot here. Nine leaked to Thomas that all this time, she just wanted to be perfect, that is why, she never loses herself in any dance moves she make. I guessed that here, Nina is actually being challenged; whether she wanted to continue to control in order to gain perfectionism or letting go to get perfectionism. Thomas kissed her in this scene, and Nina pushed him, ran outside of his office.

Some of the female dancers that are portrayed as Nina's rivals, Veronica (Up) and Lily (Down)

The audition result came out, Nina say her congratulation to Veronica as she expected that she wouldn’t get the ‘Swan Queen’ part. However, it turns out to be hers. Thomas has selected her, because of her braveness and the way she responded to his kissing during their meeting in the room. What I understand here is that, Thomas started to see some ‘darkness’ inside Nina, which could support the ‘Black Swan’ part.

It's really hard to see her smile in this movie. She have a great smile actually! Haha.

So, Nina started to work harder than ever to embody both character, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘White Swan’. In ‘White Swan’, she could do it excellently, but for ‘Black Swan’ she is always being criticized by Thomas. He even asked to the male dancer who is doing the ‘Prince’ part, if he would ever want to fuck her, and he answered ‘No’; which means that Nina haven’t been able to bring up the ‘Black Swan’ part who’s very seductive and full of sensuality.

Some 'Hot' scenes in the movie

Nina have a habit, while sleeping, she would scratch herself without she realised it. That is why, her mother never allowed her to keep her nails longer. This habit seems like getting worst since she get the ‘Swan Queen’ part. She started to see bloods, more wounds and started to offend her mother. I could say, that she is slowly allowing and letting go herself into her dark side. She embraced all the hot things that she usually did not talk much about them, as example, she started to touch herself, fantasized about sexual relationship, even with Lily which portrayed as her rival in the movie, the one who could replace her anytime.

So, the climax of this movie is when the day is getting near. Nina started to have high suspicion towards Lily and could not listen to her mother again. She is so much under pressure that there’s one scene, where her eyes get in red colour and her leg be broken like a ‘swan’s leg’. What I could interpret here is that, Nina is coming into a level, where she is ready to embody the ‘Black Swan’ part.

Nina in White Swan Part During The The Ballet Play

During the stage, infront of the audiences, she did the ‘White Swan’ part quite well, but she was distracted with the other dancers while she was lifted up by the Prince dancer. She lost her concentration, caused the male dancer to feel her unstable condition and accidentally released her on to the floor. She felt humiliated, but nobody cares much about it.

The scene when she completely turned into the 'Black Swan', and stabbed Lily

Then, came the most awaited part, the ‘Black Swan’. Before that, Nina came back to her room to change her clothes and make-up, but she saw Lily is getting ready for the part, inside her own changing room. Feels angry, she shouted to her, asked her to get out. But, it turns out to be an argument that Nina loses her control and stabbed Lily on her stomach. She was scared and panic but then her eyes getting more red and I could say, here, she is fully in her ‘darkness’ side already. It’s a terrifying scene with the element of ‘monster-changing face’. Huhu.

Nina in Black Swan part during the Swan Lake Play

Nina performed the most excellent dance ever for the ‘Black Swan’ part that audiences gave her a great applause. Thomas even totally blew out with her performance. Seriously, she was very amazing in this part! She is really a ‘Black Swan’…!

However, the truth is revealed in the last scene where Nina will dance for the last part of the ‘White Swan’. She went back to the room to change, and saw that Lily’s blood is coming out from the bathroom. She put a towel on them, and started to change but someone knocked on the door. It was Lily! She said that she was amazed with Nina and she wanted to say her apology for messy things that happened between them. After Lily left her, still in shock, Nina checked the bathroom; no one was there, not even a single blood. She looked at her stomach, and found that it is herself that have been stabbed by her own self.

The last scene, where the White Swan killed herself, and Nina is heavily bleeding

At the last dance, Nina started to cry. It is really a touching scene because as she started to realise how far ‘the desire of to be perfect’ has brought her. The wound on her stomach started to bleed heavily and when she reached the part she killed herself, despite of all the crowd and great applause from the audiences, she is dying.

One thing that I could conclude and learn from this story is that, sometimes being a perfectionist would give us more problems and depressions. Nina wanted to be perfect in everything she do, that she even willing to hurt herself. Even until the end, she still saying this “I felt perfect. I was perfect”. It’s really a sad.

Perfection is not just about control, it’s also about letting go...

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