Thursday, 5 January 2012

Giveaway Craft n Crochet

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04:45AM, on 05th January 2012.

Halo, Moshi2… Good Morning Worldians! Haha J

I have a story to tell you, I was looking for something unique, as a simple present idea and I ended up of browsing fascinatingly in Craft n Crochet! Laugh. Well actually, I was doing some blogwalkings before, and I found some bloggers who are passionate about their pieces of art! Craft n Crochet definitely is one of them. Passion and beauty is really there. By the time I am posting this entry up, they are organizing the Giveaway Craft n Crochet in their site, so I joined it too. Haha. Click on the banner to browse through the details! ^^

I fell in love with their Modem Broadband Casing (review item hereseries! Suddenly it made me staring excitedly to my Maxis Modem Broadband and I was like ‘Poor My Modem, No Clothes’ (Hahaha). Below are the pictures showing the Modem Broadband Casings. Argh, so cute and very the cute right! She sells this for RM4 per item. I do not know how to sew, so this one definitely would be a ‘years-to-finish’ task for me. Laugh2.

Below is another picture showing the other Modem Broadband Casings (review item here). I’m pretty sure you got see the Black Casing with Angry Bird Face on it…? I love Angry Bird so much! It is an irresistible character accessory ever for me. My Lovey Golumn would also love that one too I think, since he likes Angry Bird too! Hahaha. It’s so elegantly made and yes, cute, cute and cute. *sigh*.

Lastly, I found one more attractive Crochet Item from Craft nCrochet, which is the Green Pencil & Make -Up Crochet Case (review item here). I love make-up, ‘though some might not believe it. But hey, I’m a girl after all ya. Hahaha. Sometimes, I hate it so much when it’s really hard to find my make-up tools inside my handbag, mostly for compact powder and lipsticks. Having a case like this might could encourage me to keep them more organized in the future? Hahah.

Furthermore, I do always love Green Nature and with the floral decorations on it, the three blossoming white flowers surely have impressed me a lot! It’s looked like just nice and simple in the decorations ordering, but I love to see it, neatly and beautifully made!

I wish that someday I could get one like those items. Are you interested too? We can visit their site here – Craft n Crochet. And here too – Herba Tihara. Will be following their items update in the meantime, and waiting for the right time to lay my orders. Yeah! Smile in delight.

Witch Vera is also just an ordinary young woman who loves to groom herself. She loves spending time playing with the ‘Mascara Potions’. Hehe.

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Tihara said...

thanks 4 join our GA :)

Vera Veraneeta Jaynes said...

My pleasUre...AHahah... ^^

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