Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy Getting Older Wizard Jasper And Helen!

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Spells Started on 9:09PM, on 8th January 2012.

Halo, Moshi Moshi and Konichiwa Dear Worldians! Haha. J

How ya doing today? It is Sunday and I guess many of you must have a great time throughout the day, am I right? Haha. However, for those who might feel the other way, instead of enjoying the day; fall sick or still being stucked in lots more things to do, the rest of the days are still there for you. Just try to get some rest, a little time for yourself ok! Hahaha.

So, Witch Vera want to story-mory again. Hehe. This is what happened to Witch Vera throughout the day. She was learning her spells for the coming LEM311 Exam Paper, taught by two great wizard masters from her SoLLaT School, and in the evening, she went out with her CUS Wizard Besties to celebrate their two members’ special day, leaving behind all the magic spells that she should learn for the LEM311! Muahahah.

So there they are – young handsome Wizard Jasper and sweet thoughtful Helen are officially getting one year older in the Month of January! Muahaha. Jasper is officially in his 22 by today, 8th January while Helen would be in her 23 by this coming 10th January. Wee. Hahaha! Opps... Sorry! Witch Vera has been bad right, stealing their hot profile photo collection in their FB Magic Wardrobe. Hehe.

Therefore, Witch Vera would like to take this opportunity to wish them all the best in their papers, during this Exam Season in USM-Wart! Same wishes goes to the CUS‘entire Wizards group who are having their own papers too! J Muahaha.

To Wizard Jasper, don’t be naughty – naughty; you’re getting older dy (mwahaha!), have you registered to vote? You should do so, GE13 is coming very soon. (By the way, ada kaitan ka ni... hahaks). And all the best in life, be a great pharmacist wizard, so later if Witch Vera magic medicines couldn’t cure her painfulness, she could just fly to refer to your medicinal prescriptions. Hak3. Joke2.

To Wizard Helen, thank you so much for always be there when I need someone to talk with. Having your friendship and companionship in CUS and USM-Wart has taught me the great lesson of accepting ourselves for who we are. You’re a great inspiration to everyone. Witch Vera really – really love doing the ‘berteori’ session with you. Muahaha.

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to these two wonderful friends of mine! May all the good things be happened on you. Amen!

Seems like Witch Vera have to spend more hours in her spellings lesson room for tonight, otherwise, she will get stars and birds circle around her head while answering the LEM311 later. (=_=)!

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✿CekolatCelop✿ said...

dza dh follow kamu yunk..please follow dza balik
tq my dearest honey bee

Witch Vera said...

Hi... Witch Vera tak nampak Dza dlm list followers.. tp thank you for visiting Witch Vera ya.. hahahhaah!! will get to Cekolat Celop very soon then.. hahaha... :)

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