Friday, 6 January 2012

Merry Muzy Merry World!

Hasil Ketak Ketik Magic Spell Witch Vera at Friday, January 06, 2012
9:00PM, on 6th January, 2012.

Halo Dear World, Anyeonghaseyo, Moshi Moshi! Haha J

Once again, I do not know what to post. Hehe. Guess that, sometimes, too much things to share, will lead us to do nothing right? Haha. *sigh*.

By the way, I think it would be good to share this one online application, called as MUZY! (Since I’m so into it recently. Ahakz) Hahaha. Inside there, you can do many things such as posting your photos, editing them, posting your photos with some animation options; share your video links, photobox and so much more. It’s like a blog – well it’s a blog application actually. Ahaha. I love their website since it’s simple and easy to manage. Furthermore, I could get access to many online applications through Muzy. Haha.

Below are some photos that I’ve posted in Muzy. The two last photos got words with animation; to see how the animation words are spelled, CLICK on the PHOTO ya. You could also click on the other photos to see how they are viewed in Muzy. Wink2.

Do Photo Collage in Muzy! It’s easy with the ready design for us to choose. Wee. This one was just posted by today! Haha.

The first photobox that I’ve created in Muzy. ^^

Express thoughts in Muzy! There are options for background, just spell out our thoughts!

By the way, it’s kind of limited in word numbers, but thought could be in one sentence also right? Like “I Love You, You Love Me”. Hehe.

Yes, it is! New Spells Lesson for Witch Vera is the 30 Days Blog Challenge!Wait for her to do it ok! J

Hehe, surely, Witch Vera is a good witch. Hahaha.

There are many more applications available in Muzy actually. Feels like to see Witch Vera’s magical works in Muzy? Ahaks. At the sidebar, there got one magic button (whoa! Haha) have been prepared for you to enter that world! Just find it below the Witch Vera’s Precious BoxesWitchVera’s Muzy Garden or you could straightfully, click here BlogiaLink! Bring me to Witch Vera’s Muzy Garden!’. Yeah, there you are. Ahaha. Feels like want to learn those magic? Visit Muzy World now, we could meet there! J See you again! ^^

Witch Vera feels happy that she managed to learn Widget’s New Spells in her blog! Can you see it? Not cute, not pretty but she loves it so much! Now Grunge Theme can have some makeover! Thanks a lot to Wizard Master 1, Mr Google! Hehe.

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