Saturday, 7 January 2012

*Cling* Photo Scape In Action!

Hasil Ketak Ketik Magic Spell Witch Vera at Saturday, January 07, 2012
06:15AM, on 7th January 2012.

Good morning dear world! Konichiwa! Haha J

I realized that I couldn’t sleep very well during Examination Season. I try to find whatever way to keep me awake. Crazy thing. Indeed, cari penyakit, kan? *sigh*

So I’m just done with two chapters of the revision materials, time to do some Spells on TMOD! Muahaha. This time, I would like to invite you to explore one of my magic tools to spell my picture collection, which is the Photo Scape software. Haha!

Why Photo Scape? My only simple answer is that: I don’t have Photoshop and I do not even know on how to operate it. Guess that Witch Vera seems like, really need to find a master to teach her about all those Photoshop spells if she wanted to be more powerful on picture spells. Hehe.

See the above picture? It’s my recent edited photo by Photo Scape, but the photo is not mine actually. I mean, I wasn’t the one who captured it. I got this picture from Kelab Fotografi USM Facebook Group Page, and if you’re one of those million Facebookers (like me, hehe), you can view the original photo here. It was posted by one of the club members, and I was attracted to try on the challenge – settling and editing the basic photo. Haha.

So, the left image is the original image from the photo, while the right image is the result, after it was edited by Photo Scape. Haha. To have the effect, I started with the Bright ColourContrast EnhancementLow. I like to see the lamp, so I wanted to make it as the only focus. To do that, I went to FilterRegion (Out of Focus)Blur. Once again, I did the Bright ColourContrast EnhancementLow. To enhance the colour, I went to the Bright ColourSaturation Curve. In there, we can adjust the colour saturation of the image. It will really depends on you, how bright the colour source you want to appear. Haha.

The next step that I have taken on to get the effect was FilterFilm EffectCross Process (Middle). Followed with FilterFilm EffectCinema (Middle), and once again with Cinema (Low). I ended up the editing by having one more Contrast EnhancementLow. Haha.

Photo Scape seems like a simple Photo Editing Software but once we explored all the options it has, we’ll see that it’s really something. It might not be able to erase our black spots or pimples existence on face but it still could help us to make a photo looks better and stunning. Ahahaha.

Therefore, I’m suggesting this Software to you too. It’s pretty good for a beginner like me, and it’s easy to install. If you feel like of wanted to have this Photo Scape software too, we can download it HERE. It's FREE. Haha.

Witch Vera really happy with their ‘comments’ and ‘likes’ on the edited photo that I’ve posted in there! At least, it’s a great motivation for me to learn more about Photography. Wee. Haha.

Some of you, or maybe many the many of u already had this software, and had already being expert on its features, right? Don’t forget to share your spells (knowledge about those features in Photo Scape) with Witch Vera too, ya! Thank you! ^^ Haha.

Witch Vera have lots more to share but somehow, she ended up helplessly looking at her messy ‘Photo Wardrobe’ in her Magic Acer Lappie; she got to arrange them nicely before the Devil Cockroaches come in and eat them one by one, force her to throw everything in the Recycle a.k.a Rubbish Bin! Urghh. O.O’

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