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Sayonara, King Sagi

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Halo Dear Worldians! Konichiwa, Anyeonghaseyo!

Before it is too late, I would like to share one of things that have brought smiles in my heart throughout the year 2011 - taking LHP453 (Creative Writing)! Oh, how I'd love this subject very much! I've done a short story too for this course titled 'The Girl Crowned by The Sunlight', but for now on, I won't be posting it yet. Really want to see my lecturer's say on it first! Haha.

So the thing is that - this semester, finally I've managed to write my first ever short Fictional Narrative, Sayonara, King Sagi. Ha Ha. It’s just a story with 600 words but it consumed my whole one week to write it. Hoho. Lovely witches (you – readers), if you got to read this, I will appreciate it much if comments are given! J Thank you ! Haha.

Sayonara, King Sagi
By Veraneeta Dumat

All this time he is the great, the almighty one in the country. No one would ever dare to object to all of his requests. If he wanted that, he wanted this as well. If he wanted someone, he may want the other one too. Everyone does know about him. He is king, a very rich king with a beautiful queen beside him, ruling a country with all of its richness.

If anyone dares to challenge him, the answer is Death. If he is luckily enough to pass the ‘Death’ then he will end up of suffering being one of the slaves for the king. Everyone is fear of him, his rule is their life; they ignore the rules, they lose their life.

“People called him, the King Sagi”

“He is a great king. He owned a country full with gold and diamonds”

“You know King Sagi? His Queen, Queen Aretena used to be the most beautiful woman in the whole country before the King proposed to her”

“He had a very romantic life with his queen. She liked the Hanging Water Garden that King Sagi made for her very much!”

“You can make him turn for once, never ever think to have his second turn”

There are so many talks, so many stories about King Sagi. If only someone could live beside him and write down all the stories, it could turn into a very thick book full with a person’s story. Everyone fears of the King and everyone loves the king too.

Queen Aretena would mesmerise everyone who is looking at her. With her bright smile and blue shining pair of eyes, she is the pearl of the King’s heart. King Sagi is her most worshipper in the whole country. Well, that is a fact; she is the King’s wife after all. Queen Aretena loves to dance and she loves to draw. Every evening, far on the hill near to the Water Hanging Garden, while the King is laying himself on the green grass of the garden, Queen Aretena would dance beautifully and gracefully infront of him. With her heavenly dance, she would make the King falls deep in his sleep.

King Sagi might be a hope, might be a fire to his people’s heart, but he is the most adored man in the country. He could do everything he wanted, in anytime and anywhere. But he could not do something. He couldn’t hurt his queen’s feeling. He tried all his best to satisfy the queen’s needs. He never scolded her or raised his voice towards her. That is the one thing – he could not do. And everyone knows it. Too bad, that it’s too clear to see.

Queen Aretena is younger 15 years than the king’s age. She could do more in her life with her 22 years old of ages. She is poured with gold, diamonds and all kinds of richness everyone could name it, but she is poor in her heart. King Sagi’s loves would never be able to fill the holes inside her heart. Her heart has turned black and lonely. She had learnt to pet those ‘dark side’ of herself. She had grown to be a clever woman than anyone else; she could do to others what the king could do.

It’s in the full moon that the great festive of Heiti God is being celebrated in the country. It becoming greater as it’s the day when she turned into 23. She dressed so beautiful, everyone who sees her would say, she is born fairy and angelic. The King is the luckiest man on Earth.

Who knows that this day would be the day for all angels to fall down, as the light has gone and darkness took the place. She is different today; she looked wondrous as ever, indeed King Sagi would never be able to notice it. She used to be in that way, a gift of beauty from Heiti God, he most thankful for that.

As the darkness becoming darker and deeper, she started to dance heavenly infront of him again. King Sagi always loves it. He thought that tonight, she would make him even happier than before. He could sleep peacefully as the days before in her arms and in their affectionate intimacy.

True enough, he had her in his arm again. He could touch her warm body again. He could put his lip on hers again. He was just so in love. A blade might be a last thing he could expect to come out from her soft finger touch. He could not scream, as he was in a great surprise – that is the deadliest truth ever.

Bloody night. Silent night. Merciless night. He is gone from the whole country tonight. Not only from the whole country, has he gone from the whole world. Leaving behind all richness he used to have before and his people. People would say he is such an idiot, even left his beautiful queen.

Nobody knows the truth.

Nobody sees what has happened.

Nobody dares to question when it happened in Heiti God Night.

All they know is they will be having a new King, and the Queen stands still with her crown on her head.

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