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Strange Romance: My Childhood Charming Dreams

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Hello Worldians! Apa khabar semua? Anyeonghaseyo! Haha.

This would be just a simple and short post for tonight. I got headache since afternoon and felt uneasy with my ownself. Very disturbing. Furthermore, I got strange dreams since few days ago, with the same person inside it. A person that I think I like to be with but due to some truths about me, I bring it down. I just couldn't face it because I'm a broken piece, I'm in the opposite side already. Hmm. Enough about it for a while. I would like to share to you about this, "Strange Romance", a story that I've been writing since my Form 3 in SMKTE. You see the title is in English Language right, but actually I wrote them in Malay. Hahah. The picture is just a 'Mock Cover' of it (Laugh). I didn't have specific one for its cover illustrations. Hmm.

It haven't finished by the way. I'm done with 30 chapters of the story. When I read it back, I was laughing on myself. Such a childhood romance desires, I couldn't stop myself to describe them and to narrate them in my words and thoughts. Kind of funny, but it's a piece of my thoughts. Want to know the story? It's about  the relationship between Deanna Akylla (Killa), and two brothers - Raen Jay Xiao and Reen Ray Xiao. I still remember, I would like to do this story in two parts. One is during their teenage years while the other one is during their adult years.

Read The So-Far-Written Chapters >> HERE <<

Brief synopsis, Deanna Akylla is working part time in a secondary school as a teacher, and met Raen Jay Xiao, who's teaching in the school too. She met Reen Ray Xiao as well who's in his Form 6, following his brother who's teaching in that school. Reen Ray Xiao is a playful and he liked to tease Deanna Akylla whenever he gets the chance, while Raen Jay is the cool one and gentle in character. Fate has brought them into a long separation after Raen Jay decided to give up his teaching profession and took over their family's company. Same goes with Reen, he was gone as well right after he finished his last STPM paper. The separation happened while some feeling has grew between three of them and also due to some misunderstandings. In the meantime, Deanna Akylla met back with her childhood friend, Norve Azevai and coincidentally, they studied in the same university. By the time passes, they'd became closer. 
10 years passed, and they are having their own life already. But destiny has brought them into a sudden encounter in the land of Egypt. What would happen between them? Are they, Raen Jay and Reen Ray Xiao is still the same person as they used to before? How about Deanna, will she forget what has happened and just go on with her new life? What would she do about Norve Azevai who once have held his feeling for her for almost twelve years since they were 11 years old?
Read the So-Far-Written Chapters >> HERE <<

These are some of my own questions to go on with this story actually. Haha. The problem is, should I continue them? Haish. Dillemma. Hahaha.. Readers, you're allowed and encouraged to give me opinions. If I got some more time, I'll be posting them chapter by chapter in this dearie blog of mine later k. In the meantime, I'm wishing for some ideas too. Haha.. Thanks for reading! ^_^

It's the school exam and the kids have run away,
I would like a place I could call my own,
Have a conversation on the telephone,
Wake up every day that would be a start,
I would not complain about my wounded heart
~Regret, New Order~

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hane Stephanie S. said...

try post it on i've done my share story through there ;) although mine was more to paranormal romance (noo....not vampire XD)...for now...i'll enjoy yours first..<3~!

Witch Vera said...

AHahahha.. malulah sa cuzz, ni kna tulis dlm malay ni.. ms budak2 kna tulis... kuang2... suka2 jak ni... hee...

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