Friday, 13 January 2012

T.M.O.D New Face! Pinky-Purple Birdie Pretty Roses! (Haha!)

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Hallo Dear World! Konichiwa! Haha J

I’m so happy! Finally, I managed to get my favourite template by Gisele Jaquenod and Birdie! Wohoo! Haha… After quite some time of hard work to accomplish this template with some additional features, now, here it is! This template came with just few basic page elements, but it’s okay because we have the freedom to adjust and to add any gadgets that we would like to have inside our blog! Haha.

My New Template! Oh, Really Love The Bird and The flower! :)

My Old Template - Grunge Theme

Why pink and purple theme then? Hahaha. I just do not know. I just sense that I love this template and it’s more organized, where I can feel more spaces. So how was it? By the way, it’s cute kan? Kan? Pujilah sikit… Say Yes! Wink2. Muahaha. XD.

Gisele Jaquenod and Birdie Website

There are many more Birdie templates available from Gisele Jaquenod and Birdie. You feel free to visit them and have a look. Most of them are my favourite, but I fall in love with this template of my blog now, Birdie Pretty Roses! Wee. Hahah.

Think that’s all for now, wish to meet you all again later! J

Is about to going out to my school; RM200 Book Voucher is on the air, ready to be grabbed! Hohoho. Later, gotta out for some snap-snap and outing time! J

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