Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Fujifilm Finepix JV200 And Raisya

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Hello Dear Worldians! Como Estas? Haha. :)

Never thought that I would be posting this kind of post - Wordless Wednesday - but I felt enjoy when I saw many of my blogger friends were doing this on every Wednesday (!). Hahaha (!). Saya pun nak join juga lah. Aiseh (!). Hahahah. What's there for this very first of my Wordless Wednesday? Jeng3. Hahaha (!).

the sun playing tricks on the lense. haha.
she's a woman; be adored and to adore
laugh on the coolness of nature, great feels ever
nature wonder never failed to enhance the moment
let's have some drops of cool water!
what a great day for a day out!
sitting on the mother nature
hey, what you see in there? hahah

If only this photo shoot were not organized by USM Photography Club, I won't be able to have such experiences (!). Thanks a lot to them, and Raisya too for her willingness (!). Happy Wednesday Everyone (!) ^_^ Peace ! Haha.

Photographed in Penang Botanical Garden, Penang.

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echaRierie said...

waaa..mantap owh pic..hehe :D

Witch Vera said...

Echa ::

Ahahaha... Makasih... Baru belajar seja ni... Haha!!

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