Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Belated Birthday TMOD & Happy Leap Year!

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Hallo, Anyeonghaseyo and Moshi-moshi Dear Worldians!

So long that I've been gone, leaving behind this beloved TMOD of mine. What a  poor blogger I am (sigh). I even failed to notice that it had been a year that I've been with TMOD. 18 February 2012 is the 1st anniversary of TMOD. TMOD, Happy Belated Birthday (!). I do really sorry that I've abandoned you quite for a long time kan. (Hantuk kepala ke dinding). Hohoho.

Looking back at TMOD, I've been writing 85 posts inside it. Hahaha (!). Within a year, TMOD has changed few times.. Harapnya after this tak banyak yang berubah. Muahaha. Here, a cake for you TMOD... Hee. Saya tahu, blog mana lah tahu makan kek kan, tapi dengan ini, dapatlah rasa sambutan untuk TMOD... *grin*.

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Hari ini juga merupakan hari yang unik. 29 February 2012. Once in four years (!!). Ertinya, this date would only be coming back in February 2016... Hee. I don't want to miss out this chance to post something in TMOD for this meaningful date. Hahaha. It was a nice day... I got to celebrate it with some of my CUS friends. We were having our dinner in Gil  Korean. I tell you, their foods are quite expensive but it's okay for me. Nevertheless, I got the chance to taste Korean foods. AHahhaa.

29 February 2012 has passed quite as  a good day for me. On this date, I managed to see some beautiful-new places in USM, that I've never imagined could exist here. I will tell you later. Muahaha... I felt something is triggered inside me today about what I wanted to do in my life, what I wanted to achieve. No matter what, I will do my best to come for it. :)

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Golumn is still in OT. When I asked about this date, Golumn simply answered, "Tahu, hari ini hari bertuah". I thought that it's just a 'safe answer' but then Golumn said "Sebab 29/2/2012 kan. Sekali dalam empat tahun... Nah.." .. Hahahhaa. Saya yang garu kepala sendiri. Hihihi... 

366 Days... To create something amazing. Witch Vera is still wondering, what is that 'something amazing' that she could create this year, within this 366 Days.. Hohohoo... Happy Leap Year everyone. Jumpa lagi nanti in 30DBC !!

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