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30DBC: Day 20 - Sky Random Picture - The Thoughts of Rumandawi

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Hye Dear Worldians! Moshi-Moshi and Anyeonghaseyo! Haha. :D

How ya doing everyone? It's weekend and surely, each of you must have something special coming along during this weekend kan (?). Hahaha. I didn't go anywhere, was stucked around the corner of my room, looking at all the things inside my to-do-list, thinking on how to finish everything. Hehe. Seriously, it's never been easy to deal with our mind and thoughts, there's always something that must be thought of, to be worried. *Sigh*. Hoho.

Today is for the 20th Challenge of the 30 Days Blog Challenge and the topic is 'A Random Picture and its Description'. Hahaha. Actually, I wasn't really sure that 'random' should stand for pictures captured by me, or could it be taken from somewhere else, from Mr Google maybe (?). But, since I've become a bit lazy (hehe), I decided to choose picture from somewhere else in the web. Hohoho. :p And... the picture is this... :)

credit photo:

I'm pretty sure, you can get some first impressions about this picture kan (?). With the cloudy view, some forest views within it, it might already tell you something. Haha. It looked like as if it's sunset with some red shadows behind the clouds and the light grey too. It could be, but it's always been like that, cloudy views above the rainforest in Sabah.

Why this picture (?) Mestilah ada reasonnya kan. Haha. Hmm. This picture is part of some scenery views in Sabah's rainforest. I'm not sure which forest area but it's taken in Sabah. I always believe in the first says of my heart. Once I look at this photo, something is triggered inside me. It reminds me of something old, something that I've felt back to many years ago. It's great to recall those thoughts and memories but as we grew up, I've to admit it's not more than just an imaginary.. :)

Ok, back to the story - There was one time that I went to see a Dusun songs singing competition in my primary school at Ranau. This kind of competition - It's called as 'Sugandoi' in our local language, and all the songs are in Dusun language. There was one song named 'Rumandawi' and it attracted me a lot that day.  I could say too that - It was the very first Dusun song that I've ever heard in my whole life. The lyric and the tone, it touched me. I haven't been able to understand that language very well on that time but I knew, it tells about an ancient story of Dusun People. Rumandawi stands for 'Heavenly People'. Two names that I got to remember until now then is Kudingking and Kinomulok. :)

Since then, the song kept playing in my head. Almost everyday, I was sitting outside - I loved to watch the Mount Kinabalu view just infront of our house and watched the sunset light coming over it. It was so beautiful and mighty. Whenever there was red clouds and golden lights blend-up within it, it reminds me about those 'Rumandawi' people. In my mind, I thought this:

"Are they really living, up there? What has happened to Kudingking and Kinomulok? By any chance, have they met each other...?" :)

That's a description, a story that I can share to you all about this topic today, about a random picture that I've chosen. Hahaha. Don't laugh haa.. Hahaha... Thanks for reading, and have a good day! Haha. Adjaa!

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