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30DBC: Day 23 - What A Tuesday!

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Ni Hao Dou Pengyou! Moshi Moshi, Anyeonghaseyo! Haha. :)

Today's topic for 30 Days Blog Challenge is a question, haha. It asked me 'How was your day today?'. Haha. Well then, I could just answer "Okay..." but how could I just write it down simply like that kan (?). Muahaha. Ketaralah saya pemalas, but.. I'm quite lazy actually (confession). Hehehe..

Today is Tuesday. It's a beautiful day as usual, as I managed to wake up early around 8AM (awal lah sangat...hi3), and browsed through new emails and newsletters in my inbox. I seldom open Facebook recently as it's getting heavier, day by day I'm using it. I couldn't bear to just sit infront of the laptop and stares at the screen, waiting for the Facebook homepage to fully load in. Hoho. When I come to Library only, I would open it now, since it's kind of fast to access FB over there. Hihaa.a..

My class started at 10AM today,  Dr Ghayth's class LEM314 (English For Media). He taught us about some terms like Intertextuality and Context, Genre and Sub Genres. I was moved by his teaching materials today as he showed us the USM Emblem and its meaning. He made it as an example in the lesson topic. All this time, honestly, although I'm a USM student, I never paid much attention to the meaning behind this - my university's emblem. What a bad student I am right. *sigh*. I tell you, Dr Ghayth is a lecturer from Iran, yet he made it to understand the Emblem, just the way a Malaysian should do. Thanks Dr for made me realize! Hahaa.

My University Emblem - Visit here for the meanings

Right after the two hours class was finished, I got one hour gap to have my lunch. I've cooked rice in my room earlier in the morning, so I just brought my Tupperware along with the rice inside to Anjung Budi and filled some dishes inside. It was cheap for two types of dishes that I've taken costed me about RM1 only. Hahaa. Well, maybe because I didn't take meat. Hee. So I enjoyed the one hour time with my lunch and did some readings on one of the books that I've borrowed from PHS1 - Cerita Tradisi Sabah Pelbagai Kaum by Abdul Halim Bandan. Haha... It's refreshing my mind although it doesn't related with my course.

the book cover... photo source:

Next class was on 1PM, LHP 457 (Public Speaking and General Speech). Bad me again, I still couldn't remember our lecturer's name. Haizz.. But she is a good lecturer. I felt inspired and encouraged whenever she taught us  something new. She is a very simple woman and humorous too, but I guess these are her strengths. I'm much glad and happy to have such a lecturer. Owh, she reminded us again about the test on public speaking which would be held next week. We were asked to do a 10 minutes talk about ourself, and until now, I'm like - still not sure which aspect of my life that I should talk about. Huaaa..

Then, another one hour gap before the next class. Hihi. It was raining heavily when we finished LHP457, and my 'goodness', I didn't have an umbrella to go to the DK Foyer... Since my next class will be held there. What did I do then? I waited for the bus and took one complete round of the bus route to reach the DK Foyer buliding. Muahaha. Well at least I didn't get much wet, furthermore, got time what. Why not enjoying the USM Comuter's Service for a while and continue reading in there? Hehehe.

Then It was  Mr Loo's two hours Class on LAC100 (Chinese Level I)... Hehehe. The class  for Tuesday is held in GO3:109 and it was my first time attending the Tuesday class since I've just registered for this course last week's Thursday. I was looking all around the building, went up and down of the stairs, walking along the corridor; both left and right side of the building, but I didnt see it, I didn't see 109! I almost panicked, that I saw one of the course mates, and I followed him secretly from behind (hehe), finally pretended entering the class as if I really knew the place. Hehehe. Oh, we learned many new words and Chinese writings today, I thought I've forgotten some of them already, especially the writings. Argh, they are not easy you know.. I wrote it down, but I felt like as if it doesn't look like Chinese, but Korean and Japan symbol. Means, what I've wrote was kind of out of characters already. Hohoho. Anyway, I got two 'wrong marks' over 11 words only and I felt proud juga lah.. Hehehehe.

haha.. must apply this in learning them then.. think.. feel it.. hehe..
photo source:

Last Class for today was WSU101: Sustainability: Issue, Prospects and Challenges. It's a KO-K course. I registered for it because of my interests and the university units requirement. I felt worried over my previous Kelana Siswa, since it's still written as TL  inside my Campus Online transcription but the units have been counted. Hurmm.. WSU101 could be a back up for it if there's really a problem with the Kelana..

Anyway, today's class for WSU101 was good, there were more students coming and we have started the lessons already. I'm waiting for the sustainability project task, and I'm kind of worry too, would I be able to conduct a sustainability project that could fulfill the course requirement? Hoho.. The only problem is, the lecture hall of DKJ, damn.. It is the coolest place I've ever been in USM. Last week I didn't manage to bring my sweater and I ended up, almost being frozen inside. Glad that Dr Shilby ended the lecture earlier. Hohoo.Today, I felt good that I managed to bring my sweater but still, the coldness is really killing! Even the floor, it's really cool like an ice cube. Haiz.. I think I will wear double next week. Posing as someone in winter season. MuaHahaha. xD.

Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability - Learned this during class today. :))
photo source:

That's how my Today went on. Did you find it as great? A bit? Hehehe. I felt it as tiring me up. But this is just the begining. Thursday gonna be a real hectic for me. Hohoho. Just thought about it, I feel like I'm going to have a headache and fever. Hahaa. Okay, Feels really tired already... See you again next day fellas. Thanks a lot for reading Witch Vera's spells today, and wish that you have a great day! Adjaa! Haha.

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