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30DBC: Day 24 - It's About 'The Moment of Dreams'

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Hye Dear Wordians! Anyeonghaseyo and How Ya Doing Today? Haha.

It's the Day 24 already for 30 Days Blog Challenge! and the topic today is 'Meaning Behind Your Blog Name'. Hahaa. You can see from above, it's my Blog's name - TMOD: Witch Vera and Her Magic Spells! Haha. Some of you might not really know what is it exactly, TMOD standing for right (?). Hiasan seja ka itu (?) Hehehe. No, actually behind TMOD, there are some meanings are laying behind it. First, let me just tell you what's TMOD stands for. TMOD is an abbreviation of The Moment of Dreams. It came from a Song Title actually. Hahaa. (eh plagiarism! Sabar, ada cerita... haha..) Originally, my first blog's name is The Moment of Dreams. Since December last year only I started to use TMOD: Witch Vera and Her Magic Spells. I don't want to lose TMOD, and since it's all about me and my scrabbles (haha!), I came out with Witch Vera and Magic Spells. Nanti saya story mory lagi kat bawah k... Haha. :))

Mesti ada yang tertanya, why Witch? Hahaa. Actually, I didn't even think of it, it just came like that - As we know, a Witch can be good and bad, and it's me. I could be like that, there would be times that I could do good things to other people and there would be times that I might do something terrible to them. But, don't worry, this Witch Vera prefer to be good all the times, Muahaha. Won't turn you to be frogs, rats, etc... Instead I might turn you to be one of those popular K-Pop Stars. Ahakz. Joke2..

Beautiful long legs, Fairer skin, trendy and attractive..hehe - Girls Generation
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hot, cute, gentle and heart-melting... hahaa.. - Supernova
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Blogging is a way for us to pour out our thoughts within certain levels that you've might agreed to share it out to the other people. It's another way for us to gain freedom from all those noisiness we got inside our mind. How did I come to create my own blog? At the very first time, I never knew about this stuff. My friends introduced it to me. But I started to learn how a Blog can affect others' life. What you wrote inside there, is a sharing, a testimonial, something that you've seen and experienced in life - and who doesn't know, that sharing is always the best part? Sharing is caring - At the very first place, you've cared about yourself. That's the greatest thing about someone who's willing to share. You might see that things you've wrote as craps, but to someone else, it could be an inspiration for their life. They read you, they learned something (it might be just a little but there would be always something..) from you and it inspires them. :)

While created this blog before, I haven't came out with any names for it actually. Hahaha. I remember, I was listening to some songs inside my lappie, which was played randomly, that I heard this song 'The Moment of Dreams' by Hiroyuki Sawano. I browsed for its lyrics in internet and it touched me. It's an inspiring song about dreams within everyone. I decided to use it, an honor for its inspiration and the very first post of my blog was titled as 'One Step Will Make It', quoted from the song also (see lyric). It's a remembrance of my first step in blogging. *smile*. You can listen the song from Here or watch it in the video. Haha. (^_~)m

The Moment of Dreams - Hiroyuki Sawano

Up in the air far away from here
Looking for a way never ending pain
And time after time passing by all the same
Every step you take seems all in vain

So why are there such hard roads to go
Why try to get further than before
Come what may

The moment of dreams
So sacred running like the wind
The moment of dreams
So glorious flying like a flash light

One step will make it, True faith will make
The moment of dreams, So true it lasts forever

Out in the dark heading for nowhere
Losing your way going down the drain
 And cry for the moon no dim lights out there
Inner voice of pain calling again

So why are there such hard peaks to climb
Why try to get higher than before
Come what may

The moment of dreams
So freely flowing like a stream
The moment of dreams
So proudly soaring like a bright star

One step will make it, True faith will make
The moment of dreams, So true it last forever

All the time you spend
All the blood and sweat and tears
Of your endless work
Would make your dreams come true

Beyond the time and space
Beyond tne limits of your power it exists
And we call it miracle

TMOD has celebrated its first anniversary last month, on 18 February. It's been a year with you TMOD. Hahaha. I'm a very bad blog owner actually, I always abandon TMOD for a very long time. Hee... Btw, talk about dreams, I'm sure everyone of us, must have our own dreams, right (?). Well, I mean those wishes and things that we are hoping to achieve in our life, something that we hope would comes true. Whatever it is, I wish that you would achieve it someday. ^_^

Think that's all for today... Thursday is coming and it's a real hectic in my daily class timetable since it would be a day for me to have 7 hours class, continuously from 10AM to 5PM. *sigh*. Got two presentations some more and there are few exercises still waiting for me to be finished. Huaaa. Hahaha. Have a very good night everyone, and thanks for reading Witch Vera's spells today! Ahahaha. Adjaa! ^_^

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