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30DBC: Day 25 - Looking Forward

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Ni Hao, Konichiwa and Anyeonghaseyo Dear All! Haha ^_^

Today it was raining heavily again. But gladly, I got my own umbrella already. Hehe.. Non Stop classes since 10AM until 5PM today definitely has made me exhausted, more than the previous days... Hoho. I was like those mouses running around, tried to finish everything with tutorial materials for Dr Ghayth's and Mr Lye's class, my public speaking introduction preparation and never ending exercises for Chinese Language class within the limited time frame given. *Sigh*. Despite of all the hectic, still I'm so grateful to bear it all. Thanks God that He is always there, to give me strength and reminding me how blessed I am to have one day more to see the wonders of the world. And Yes, this is the last chance. I'm not giving it up easily this time. :)

It's the Day 25 already for 30 Days Blog Challenge and for today, I shall be talking about 'Things You Looking Forward To'.. Haha. I  assumed that it asked me about things that I'm looking forward to in my life. Hehe... Just start to think about it, there are many things that I'm looking forward to, actually. Muahaha. But it might be better to share out those things that I'm certainly is looking forward to, for now. (mode lazy kaini? macam owh.... hahahaa)

nice moments... - credit photo: mr google (hehe)

First, I'm looking forward for my graduation in the course that I'm doing now - BA (Hons.) English for Professionals in USM. By God's will, if everything goes fine - especially with the units requirement thingy and some university matters are settled, I could earn my degree certificate by this year, somewhere in September. Amen. After that, I wanted to find a job, and start contributing back to my family, as much as I could. I wanted to repay my tribute to my parent, and helping my brothers and sisters. Amen2.. :) It's almost unbelievable that I'm in my final semester already. Throughout these 3 years in USM, I've encountered various moments - most are the bitter ones but I know, there must be something behind it. As for now, things that I've done during few last semesters are my great lesson to carry on in this university.. :)

yummy! haha... credit photo:

Second, I am looking forward to learn on how to bake cakes and cookies. Hehehe. It's been in my thoughts for very long, but I never get the chances to do it. It's very nice when we get the chance to bake cakes by our own. I envied some of my relatives, they could do this back to their home and they tasted delicious too. Simple cakes like carrot and banana cakes, but can't you imagine the feeling of sitting together in your family, and eating the homemade cakes? Sense of appreciation, proudness and belonging, everything is there. I hope I could learn this right before I got married (hahaa...) and having my own children...Winks..

1,2,3,6....9..20.. How lar, Many more haven't been visited.. >.< haha.
credit photo: sabah tourism website

Owh yeah... I'm looking forward for this thing too! Travelling all around my beloved state - Sabah. Hahaha (!). Some people might say, why not travelling to somewhere else, out of this country Malaysia. Tipu lah if I said 'No' kan, I got the desire too, but for now, I'm more interested in this. There are so many things I haven't explored in Sabah, I wanted to experience the various cultures in my own state first. I wanted my children to be able to learn and to appreciate their own homeland's uniqueness first before they are going to praise others' countries or places. Haha. :))

credit photo: andrew collings

And yes, like other people too, I'm looking forward to have my own family in the future. Hua3, kalau la ada jodoh 'berumah tangga' ini..kui2. Hahaha (!). Who knows, what would happen in the future kan (?). Manatahu ada 'panggilan' lain... Hihihi. But if I were to get married, I wish that this matrimony could be witnessed by those persons I love in my life, and he - I pray that he's the right one that God has sent to me. Someone that I could share this life with and love each other till the end of our days. :)

Hurmm.. I think those are the things that I'm certainly is looking forward to in my life. There are many more but let's just say, one thing leads to other things kan. Hahaha. To all friends, may everything that you're looking forward to in your life would come true too, someday in the future. Haha. Thanks reading Witch Vera spells, nanti kita jumpa lagi. Hahaha. Adjaa! ^_^

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