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30DBC: Day 29 - 3 Years Ago - Shot

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Hye Dear Worldians! Anyeonghaseyo! Haha.

This post would be out of topic a bit today.. Hehe.. Kita story-mory dulu reflection utk hari ini k.. Haha. Today was good as I started my day at 8:00AM in the morning, and cooking some rice to bring out from room later. Hehehe... My class started at 10AM in the morning today; with Dr Ghayth's Week 4 Lecture on Website, Webcast and Advertisements. As I tried my best to pay my attention to his lecture (despite of the normal sleepiness which always occurs, haha), I was getting more impressed with the way he sees things and elaborate them in relevancy with our course. The only thing is that, I found that he often referring to stories about Iraq, including the war conflicts and so on, that sometimes I could feel the 'spreading the word-element' is there. I'm not saying that I didn't put my concern on the ongoing conflicts between Iraq and AS, ever since the 11/9 tragedy, but somehow I hope that the neutrality of this course is preserved. But he is a good lecturer, it's a great experience to be inside his classes, taught by an Iranian lecturer. *smile*. I got one hour break after that. I took my lunch in Anjung Budi, and coincidentally met Peter Chong who was eating there too. Haha.

Peter shared to me about Master thingy in USM. He gave some advice too regarding LHP457 since he took the paper as well during his last semester in USM last year. According to him, the application for Master enrollment would be opened starting tomorrow. I asked him about the proposals preparation and he explained to me, only applicants for Full Research mode are actually required to prepare a proposal for their research topic. Those applying for Mix Mode and Full Coursework, don't need. I am thinking about Master too, but I haven't discussed much about this matter with my parent. Hurmm.. But still I'm so thankful to him for the sharing.. Hahah.. :)

I almost lost while looking for LHP457 class today. Muahaha.. Since there would be recording session today, (our 10 minutes public speaking is recorded), I thought that the class would be somewhere else. Hee.. Rupanya still in the same place. Adoi.. Hahaa (!). I was really impressed with Farhad, an Iranian student when he presented today. He talked about how he started his journey to USM, and the hardship he had to endure because he didn't know English. He said that it was such a blessing when he got a chance to visit Bukit Bintang and there he met many Iranians, where he was really determined to learn English then. I was laughing when he said that just to remember the name of 'Bukit Bintang', it took him about two weeks. Hahaa.. Although it's a bit hard to understand his English words, but at least he tried and it was good.

Akpan, a student from Nigerian has impressed me a lot too. She was talking about her life in USM, the hardship she had to face because she was pregnant when she arrived here. Now her baby is already one year and six months old. Being far away from family, from husband and children (she had another four children in Nigeria), I could say it's really a challenge. Btw, Akpan is a really an excellent student in my school. Every semester, she managed to score A's for all the major papers in BA. Hons English for Professionals. A student from China also had shared her talk today. She talked about LDR. Do you know what's LDR? Long Distance Relationship. Hehehe... She is into this. :) My turn would be this coming Friday.. Dup dap, dup dap... Pray that I could do well ya friends.. Makasih,, Hi3..

I'm so happy for today's Chinese class. New words, new characters I've learned today. Mr Loo is really a great Laoshi! Hahaha... It's easy to follow his teaching, because he is humorous too. Once I'm done with the writing exercise, I gave my exercise book to him and let him do the marking. Everything's correct, and he said, very good! Muahaha.. Bangga sikijap.... wink2... Balik-balik tengok my work after that, really is my chinese writing is that 'very good' today?? hehehe.. Adeh...

Ok, that's all happened to me today. It's just like the other Tuesdays, but each day has its own story kan.. And it's getting prettier day by day as I told myself to see around too, see how the others are having their life, it could bring us joy, even just by looking at these small things.. (^_~)m.

Okay, now move to the 30 Days Blog Challenge. Today's topic is '3 Random Pictures You've Taken 3 Years Ago'. Means... Somewhere in 2009.. Hahaha... Let's have a slideshow then (!). Muahaha...

the Morning dew flood in Kg Longut... haha...

This picture I took in Ranau, from the verandah of my father's house in Kg Longut. He is teaching there until now, and if we got time (mostly during school break..) we'll be going to his house in the place that he is working. This village is located deep inside the forest, and it's still very pure in environment. I remember, it was early in the morning that I took this picture, while the morning dew was still covering the hills around. It was a great thing to see you know. Like a great dew flood.. Hahaah...:)

my dad's 'ropuhan'... termasuk dalam picture.. he3

This picture also I took in Ranau, from the outside of our house in Kg Poropot. Also in the early morning, as the Mount Kinabalu view was still clear and starting to get sun rays touching its surface. I felt grateful that we could see this view from our house, a mountain view infront of your eyes every day. Hahaha... Sorry that the picture is not that clear, just guess that my phone camera on that time wasn't that good in capturing picture.. Hee.... :p

baa.. zam, zam alakazam... hahaha...

And for this last picture, I took it in Kota Belud, Sabah. We - Form 6 2008 - were having our reunion outing somewhere along a beach in KB (forgot the name of the beach) in that year, 2009. During the outing, one of us got see a plastic bottle (plastic bottle seja?? hahaha) and he suggested  us to fill the bottle with 'letters'. Hahaha. So there it was. We put them in the  bottle, and you see our hands were touching the bottle right (?). We made pledge that we would meet again someday and we wished that everyone's wishes would be granted in the future. :) I miss them so much!

Yeah...!! Buang jauh2.... Hahahha...

So extra picture here.. Hahaha. He was the one, assigned to throw the bottle... Hahaha.. I wonder where the bottle have gone now. Maybe already full with water or sands (?). Then our 'messages' must have been safely delivered to the ocean then.. Hihi.... :)

Think that's all for today.. Thanks reading my spells.. Have a very good coming Wednesday Everyone! Hahaha... ^_^

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