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30DBC: Day 30 - The Long Ending of 30DBC

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Hallo Dear Worldians! How Ya Doing? :)

What a long ending for 30 Days Blog Challenge! I break the rules, I created a new one - Frozen 30DBC.. Hahaha. Kind of crazy, we couldn't stop how the days passed by but in here, I just made it. *sigh*. At the very first place, I'm doing it not to chase the days, but I'm looking for a sequence of topics that could be my guideline in posting something to TMOD before. Therefore, if you do read all the posts related and tagged with 'Witch Vera in 30DBC', you're actually has stepped inside some important parts of my life story. What I've wrote inside there are all about who I am, my dreams, my history and my hopes. I didn't fake them, I told you facts about me and some silly things that you might never get to know through a daily conversation with me. :)

And now, it has come to an end. But, this is just the 'end' to the challenge, not to my life story. It's still in a very long journey, and I couldn't tell you what is going to happen in the future, as I am wondering myself. Haha. Today, it'll be about 'A Picture of You and 3 Good Things That Has Happened To You Throughout The 30DBC'. Here is a picture then. Haha.. :)

To be precise, there are so many good things that has happened in my life while doing this 30DBC. Small good things indeed, but it brought me greater hopes and joyfulness. But, let's stick for today ya.. Haha. The first one is, to be able to spend my one month holiday with City Parish in Our Lady of Sorrow, Penang. Working as part of the community has brought me more understandings about the church community that I've attended within 3 years study in USM. I felt touched with their generosity, and love towards each other. Once before, I felt scared and uneasy with Fr Dom as his appearance somehow reminds me about Imhotep in ancient Egyptian, but slowly the experience I got from this one month vacation with City Parish taught me that he is different. I am so grateful that we could learn from him and the other staffs. *smile*

The second one, is to know that I'm entering my final semester in USM already. By God's wills, if there is no obligations, obstacles coming in the middle of the way - I'll be able to graduate somewhere in September, 2012. I am very happy too, I wouldn't lie that before, there are many times I do really wish that I could finish it very soon. I'm counting the days, and I even circled the date, the last day of being a student in USM. Those are all the things that I've thought at the very beginning of my studies here. Now, I felt sad, easily touched whenever someone said to me 'Whoa, so you are a final year student? I'm so jealous of you!". My heart is cracking, I  would like to say 'You! What to jealous of? I'm leaving dude! I'm leaving this meaningful place ever in my life" - But then, I wouldn't do it. They might say I'm may not mature enough to step outside of this place. Glad that USM taught me so hard about all amazing values of life and yes, here I'm empowered by its 'Sustainability' concept... Whenever I go now, I know that I'll be still connected with USM, and I'm moving with it too, for a sustainable tomorrow. :)

The last one is, very simple... It's a great to know that I'm still here. I'm still alive... I'm still able to write on this dearie blog of mine although some of them may 'nothing' to your taste of reading.. Hahaha... I don't care then. A matter of personal taste, I won't bother to argue. Hehe... (aik, cari gaduh ka?).. Hahaha... Wink2. No lar.. It's just my gratefulness over all the things that has happened. Thanks God through the bitterness and weaknesses, You made me to be stronger. :)

It's the end of the 30 Days Blog Challenge then, and after this the journey is going to be continued with... wait, I'm still searching for the map... well then, just let it be... See what is waiting ahead... That flavors well this long journey actually.... hahaa..

Have nice Sunday Evening everyone..! Thanks for reading Witch Vera spells, nanti kita jumpa lagi.. Haha. Adjaa!

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