Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Poesia: I Save This Dance For You

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On this cold night I see you
When the world is quiet I see you
With this riotousness of a little heart
Oh how much I want to dance
To you, just for you.
At the moment of the orange sunset
At the dawn on a chill, clear cockcrow
This heart hardly be retained
Over the desire of staging up this graceful steps
In remembering your heart.

What I am desiring and dreaming for
Is the satisfaction of my soul and my spirit
As I close my eyes I see me on the stretch of the green grass
The most beautiful me
In the whole lifetime of our life
I see you as you see me.
In the serenity of nature I started to fly my steps
Be in unity with this music of our heart
There's only you and me
In the presence behind those stargazers
In every breath of life
You'll hear my hidden whispers
For once and for all 
There's a heart is waiting to sing
A song to tell a story that shouldn't be told
If through this motion of body I could tell
If through this dance you'll know
You'll release this incarcerated soul
And my heart would free again

You haven't come, I save this dance for you.

11 Februari 2008.

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Wilson Khor Woo Han said...

*thumbs up* =)

Witch Vera said...

Hahahaa... Tq2 Wilson ! hahhaaa... ^_^

Michelle Hopell said...

nice ~~ :)
singgah sini n follow
do follow me back yach :D

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