Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Trashes At The Side Of The Road

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Hallo Dear Worldians! How Ya Doing. :)

I've been missing again quite for a long time right. *Sigh*. Guess that life is so miserable to Witch Vera recently, trying 25/8 in life to find a solution, a portion to make things better. Again and again, she failed. What to do, she's just a normal human being after all. After a failed trial, she will just be seated and look far away in distance,  what's waiting for her at the other side? Should she just fly away to the other side and leaves everything here? NO. She couldn't, she must, at least finish everything here and be responsible. But, she just couldn't get back the feeling, the same way as she felt it three years ago. Too much black ashes, everything is in dust.

Let me tell you a story. There was a girl, she used to be a bright girl in front of her family, her teachers and her friends. Whatever she was doing, was an example to the others. She was the leader and she was the one who would be referred to by others. As a young girl, she found it was so easy to mingle with others. She loved to get to know new friends, and although she couldn't run very fast like her other friends, she was known by most of the school's athletes. She was the source of inspiration. Yes, her smile and her kindness was said to be - never failed to cheer up someone.

She did very well in academic. Throughout her 6 years in primary school, she never went down lower than the 2nd top scorer in her class. Started from her Year 4, she conquered the list. She managed to champion the 1st place in every semester examination. She was feared by her classmates. She didn't scare to meet teachers to ask if there was any confusing answers, given by them. Teachers were always looking for her, she had the special attention and every teacher knew her in school. And yes, during her Year 6 in school, she met her first love ever which only lasted for one day. She was the one who broke it up. She didn't want the relationship to hurt other people. But, she never knew that was the beginning. Every decision has its own risks.

She regretted it. Yes, She did. She realized that how immature she was. She started to think that this would be the only 'pure love' she ever experienced. For the first time in her life, she was crying over someone but he would never know about it. The paths are different, it's time to move on. She went into different level of life, yes her youth was just started. Glad that she used to be a very positive girl. No matter how bitter her life was, she always managed to see the beauty in it. She met more competitors in academic and in everything she did, but she was OK with it. After  all, she managed to be in the list of 5 top scorers in every examination. It was still great for her. She met new passion and favorites. Life was just great.

Stepping into 20s, life started to reveal its own colours to her. They are colorful but they were filled with lies everywhere too. She have no ideas that she would be dragged in this kind of life. All the principals that she used to write on in her diaries seems like useless. She tried hard to keep herself in the comfort zone, the safe zone but somehow, she failed. She has stepped out of the boundaries and she couldn't go back to the old zone anymore. It's a 'New Her'. She couldn't lie, thus she would like to tell all the truths. But it's hard. It's really hard. Anytime, she could be pushed away, for she isn't that clean anymore. She is in dusts, just like the rotten trashes along the road.

If one day, someone she knew walked on the road, she wished that the person won't look at her. She wanted to crawl a bit far from being at the side of the road but she is powerless. It's a destiny that she would be there, to be showed as an example of broken life, and that to persuade people not to live a life like her. She would continue to cry, as long as she could and make the land wet, in hope that the green grasses would grow nearby and cover her presence.

In the end of the story, with her tears flowing on the ground, she still want to share the only joyfulness left in her. She is grateful that she could always see the sun rising up and the great sunset. It brings new hope to her every day and that she could see someone is collecting the trashes and dusts from far away, and she heard that it would be used to fertilize the flowers planted along the road. She is happy, and in silence and patience she is waiting for her time, and continue watching the others walk along the road, for their own journey of life.

Sunset will come soon. It's time to witness it again...

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