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Way to Go With 'BISIK'

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Hallo Dear Worldians! Anyeonghaseyo! :)

Looking at my To-Do-List, there are many and many things that I have to settle but somehow, my 'otak' cannot think properly in the moment. I hate feelings sometimes; it always can change no matter what we did to stay in a favoured spot of emotion or feeling. Haizz. Even a very small thing could be so distracting to me sometimes. As example, I was walking out happily from my room to attend class on one fine day that I saw an old woman (a cleaner) was walking alone, along the road near to my school. I was in the bus. I got down and looked again to her. She was talking on the phone; All I remember is I heard she said "Ya, mummy will come back, mummy come back ok. Mummy is working now".

I thought that she might be called by her children. Then she stopped the conversation. I was about to continue walking when I heard she talked again, on the phone. The same thing. I started to feel dizzy and chill but I kept on observing her. She stopped again. Talked again and this time, she seemed crying. I didn't dare enough to see anymore, I rushed for class. The whole day, I was thinking about her. What has happened to that old lady?? The next day, I didn't see her anymore. Maybe she's still around but at different areas in this university. One thing for sure is, I was distracted. :(

the book cover. photo source:

Anyway, this evening I've managed to finish my reading on the novel 'Bisik' by Syaihan Syafiq. I just bought this novel last week during a PC Fair at DKU, USM. I was attracted with the book sale promotion as I seldom see such live book promotion around USM. Since we were just finished with CUS Gathering, I decided to have a look. There were two guys sitting and handling the sale, and I started to look on few books. Interesting books they are, but I wouldn't be able to afford for each of it. Hahaha. After a while, I chose 'Bisik' and one more book (I haven't read it yet). Firstly I was told that this novel is written by a blogger and yes, he can be found in his blog here (have a visit ya) - I wanted to read his writing. Secondly, the book cover, illustrated with a cat picture with red eyes. The right eye of the cat is not very read and lighter, while the left eye is in dark and redder. (See picture). This cover has managed to get my attention. Thirdly, the synopsis - I like mystery stories and the root story of this novel is kind of interesting.

Mikael berpindah rumah selepas teman serumahnya mati terjatuh dari balkoni. Namun setelah berada di pangsapuri baru, Mikael mula gagal untuk mengingat kembali apa yang berlaku pada masa-masa sebelumnya. Dia juga didatangi BISIK hasutan yang muncul secara rawak. Tambah mengelirukan apabila teman serumah barunya, Nazzman, ialah seorang yang amat mencurigakan. Biarpun tidak mempercayainya secara penuh, Mikael melihat Nazzman sebagai orang yang mampu membantu memulihkan ingatannya. Mikael juga mula menjalinkan hubungan dengan Suraya, perempuan yang pernah menjadi kekasih bekas teman serumahnya. Namun apabila kejadian tragis menimpa Suraya, Mikael mengesyaki Nazzman sebagai dalang. Apakah punca bisik-bisik yang mengganggu Mikael? Dan siapakah Nazzman sebenarnya?
What could I say? It satisfied me. A lot. I loved the way he described all the characters, I can visualize their personalities and possible places in the novel. The Mikael character developed really well, and all questions about him and the mystery room inside his new rent house slowly answered in the chapters, next and next. It's a novel with open thoughts and dare to touch the reality of our society life nowadays that, not everything is nice and beautiful as we think it is. The morality issues are discussed openly in this novel for me. Sexual elements, wilderness of a human being and most importantly, it touched the part, the dark part in someone's life and how it could affect a whole life if it's not controlled wisely or if we let it take control of our-self.

How many of us have been dragged into a situation where you've done something out of your control? How many of you have once did something bad, as if you'd never thought to do it but you just did  it? I did. It's really a bad feeling when you realized that you've just done something awful, but you can do nothing about it. It's been too late to turn back. And yes, there's a dark side within everyone - It's filled with wild desires, wild dreams, highly imaginative and full of fires and flames. It's not only set to keep such desires, but 'it' even desired to take us whole, in short - our whole life.

"Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody"

Because of this novel, I started to read more about 'bipolar disorder' and 'borderline personality disorder'. I do not know whether it's been used in this novel but I assumed Mikael is in that condition, instability of self-image and personality. He might be much affected by his childhood life in a broken family and the loneliness he had to experience. Such depression have been kept for very long and it getting worst when he encountered more problems in life. He had the tendency to let the other 'side' of himself to play his character and to solve the problems. Hurmm.

Whatever it is, I am enjoying this story a lot. I know that everyone must have their own opinions and views after you read this novel. I must say my congrats to the writer for writing such an intense story line and exciting plots. Hahahaa. I'm encouraging you to read it too, and experience 'Bisik' in your own mind. Haha..

Can't wait to start my reading on 'Kontrol Histeria'. From the background, it's a compilation of 'abnormality imagination' related stories. Hurmm... Maybe another 'bisik' are inside there...? Hahaha. Thanks reading, and have a nice day! ^_^

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shandye. said...

thanks for the awesome review.

i'm very glad you enjoyed reading is as much as i myself writing it. insyaAllah if God permits i would love to explore other issues in my next work.


Witch Vera said...

Haha! Hallo.. =D

Ya, it's a gud start from U ^_^ haha.. will be looking forward to read more from U... all the best! (^_^) haha...

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